Tyreek Hill’s timeline of trouble: From a domestic violence arrest in college to child abuse investigation with Chiefs

first_imgAs SN wrote upon the conclusion of the investigation, the league-wide dissatisfaction with the result was predictable. Such public malaise has become the chorus that echoes from most of the NFL’s disciplinary decisions based on its personal conduct policy.The reason is simple: The NFL is not capable of being a consistent, trustworthy arbiter in cases that are too complicated even for the American justice system to handle properly. The league’s backpedaling in the Ray Rice case in 2014 led to this kind of interposition, seemingly as a result of the pressure the league felt to take these matters of misconduct into its own hands no matter what the courts decided.And, as the NFL continues to prove, we’re asking too much of it. Thanks in part to Hill’s 883 yards from scrimmage in a year that was cut short by an early-season injury, Kansas City enters the Super Bowl against San Francisco with one of the league’s most explosive offensive units. That production was foreseen, which is why the Chiefs ignored the red flags around a player who wasn’t expected to be drafted in 2016 and instead picked him in the fifth round.Below is an overview of the domestic violence case Hill faced in college that led to most teams’ concerns in the NFL Draft, plus an explanation of the child abuse investigation saga in 2019 that Hill escaped without punishment.MORE: The Chiefs extended Tyreek Hill’s contract with troubling urgencyTyreek Hill domestic assault in collegeAfter a couple seasons at Garden City Community College, Hill in 2014 chose to play Division-I football at Oklahoma State. But he would only play one season for the Cowboys thanks to his arrest on domestic violence charges.Crystal Espinal, Hill’s girlfriend who was eight weeks pregnant with his child, told police an argument late on the night of Dec. 12, 2014, at Hill’s Stillwater home escalated to physical violence. Espinal said she was choked by Hill, who also punched her in the stomach and the face. Still in pain in her stomach, she said she was concerned about the baby.Hill spent the night in jail and on the next day was charged with felony domestic assault and battery by strangulation. That day, Oklahoma State announced it had dismissed Hill from the football and track programs. “Oklahoma State University does not tolerate domestic abuse or violence,” the school said in a statement. (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/9a/ec/tyreek-hill-050216-getty-ftrjpg_7x8167wf3dj11vfmgajian346.jpg?t=1928459572&w=500&quality=80 Tyreek Hill’s ascent to his current status, arguably the most electric player on the AFC representative in Super Bowl 54, has been a speedy but bumpy rise.And the Chiefs can’t say they were caught off guard by the issue that jeopardized the wide receiver’s availability months before this championship season began. In fact, the franchise only deepened its investment in Hill with a three-year, $54 million extension in October, putting him among the league’s highest-paid receivers. (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/ce/6/tyreek-hill-091119-getty-ftrjpg_lv8o50fcrws119jg6kaga7sf2.jpg?t=569421261&w=500&quality=80 Hill initially pled not guilty. In August, represented by a new defense attorney after reportedly failing “to meet monetary obligations” with Cheryl Ramsey, Hill pleaded guilty to the charges and, thanks to a plea agreement with the district attorney’s office, received three years on probation. According to The Oklahoman, “the plea agreement was eventually reached thanks in part to Hill’s voluntary efforts. Along with more than $1,000 in fines and court costs, a DNA sample, two years of state supervision, and proof of employment or student status, Hill’s probation requires he complete an anger management course and a 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Program.”In 2015, West Alabama coach Brett Gilliland allowed Hill to join the football team. He played only one season for the Tigers before entering the 2016 NFL Draft.Espinal eventually gave birth to Hill’s son.Tyreek Hill NFL Draft controversyHill was not invited to the NFL Combine and, due to his 2014 arrest, was not expected to be drafted. In part because Hill ran a 4.25-second 40-yard dash at his pro day, the Chiefs were willing to take the risk.Kansas City drafted Hill in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL Draft at No. 165 overall.”I just want everybody to understand that we have done our due diligence with regards to full vetting each one of our draft-class members,” said then-general manager John Dorsey, via The Kansas City Star. “We would never put anybody in this community in harm’s way.”Added Chiefs coach Andy Reid: “There has to be a certain trust here, but there’s just things that we can’t go into and go through. We want people to understand, like Dorse said, we’re not going to do anything to put this community or this organization in a bind. We uncovered every possible stone that we possibly could, and we feel very comfortable with that part of it.” Many Kansas City fans were upset with the selection. At rookie minicamp in May 2016, Hill told reporters he understood their concerns.”The fans have every right to be mad at me,” Hill said. “I did something wrong. I let my emotions get the best of me, and I shouldn’t have did it. They have every right to be mad.”But guess what? I’m fixing to come back, be a better man, be a better citizen, and everything takes care of itself, and let God do the rest.”Dominating as a punt returner and a receiver, Hill earned three Pro Bowl selections and two All-Pro nods in his first three NFL seasons. Then, before the 2019 season, he found himself in trouble yet again.Tyreek Hill child abuse investigationOn March 15, The Kansas City Star reported Hill was under police investigation for battery involving he and Espinal’s 3-year-old son, who had suffered a broken arm. By this time, Espinal had become Hill’s fiancee.The Chiefs said they were aware of the situation but allowed Hill to participate in the team’s offseason program in April. The investigation led to Hill and Espinal temporarily losing custody of their son. On April 25, the Johnson County, Mo., district attorney announced that neither Hill nor Espinal would be charged with child abuse, but that a crime had occurred and the investigation remained active. The DA could not prove who did what to the child.The NFL said it would wait until the Kansas Department of Children and Families concluded its own probe of the allegations before conducting its own investigation.”I love and support my family above anything,” said Hill, who maintained all along he was innocent of committing a crime, via his attorney’s statement. “My son’s health and happiness is my number one priority. I want to thank the Kansas City Chiefs, my attorneys, my agent and my union for supporting me through this. My focus remains on working hard to be the best person for my family and our community I can be, and the best player to help our team win.”The next night, during the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, a Kansas City TV station released a recording of Hill and Espinal talking about what happened to their son, the criminal investigation into alleged abuse and how they handled it.A portion of the Tyreek Hill audio with Crystal Espinal:Espinal: “What do you do when the child is bad? You make him open up his arms and you punch him in the chest.”Hill: “You do use a belt. That’s sad,” Hill said. “Even my mama says you use a belt.”— Terez A. Paylor (@TerezPaylor) April 26, 2019Espinal: “He’s terrified of you.”Hill: “You need to be terrified of me too, b****.”— Terez A. Paylor (@TerezPaylor) April 25, 2019Early the next morning, the Chiefs suspended Hill indefinitely. GM Brett Veach said Hill would not take part in any team activities “for the foreseeable future.” Chiefs CEO and chairman Clark Hunt broke his silence on the saga surrounding Hill that Saturday, saying the team would make the “right decision … at the right time.”Hill’s attorney issued a four-page statement to the NFL that dismissed the child-abuse claims levied against Hill by Espinal. It was unclear at the time to what extent the league was investigating the matter.”We will not interfere with that,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told media in late May, adding that the league had not yet interviewed Hill, citing the ongoing court proceeding as the reason, but that it planned to do so.On June 7, prosecutors said the child abuse probe involving Hill is was no longer an active investigation, confirming that Hill would not face charges. Later that month, Yahoo! Sports reported Hill was scheduled to speak with the NFL. That meeting, on June 26, reportedly lasted eight hours. Unnamed sources told Yahoo! it was a “positive” day for Hill.On July 19, the NFL declared Hill would not be suspended as a result of the league’s investigation, which according to a release had been ongoing since the beginning of the saga despite the NFL’s claim it was leaving the matter to local law enforcement. Below is the league’s explanatory statement in full:”Over the past four months, we have conducted a comprehensive investigation of allegations regarding Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill. Throughout this investigation, the NFL’s primary concern has been the well-being of the child. Our understanding is that the child is safe and that the child’s ongoing care is being directed and monitored by the Johnson County District Court and the Johnson County Department for Children and Families.”In conducting our investigation, we have taken great care to ensure that we do not interfere with the county’s proceedings or compromise the privacy or welfare of the child in any way. The information developed in the court proceeding is confidential and has not been shared with us, and the court has sealed all law enforcement records. Local law enforcement authorities have publicly advised that the available evidence does not permit them to determine who caused the child’s injuries.”Similarly, based on the evidence presently available, the NFL cannot conclude that Mr. Hill violated the Personal Conduct Policy. Accordingly, he may attend Kansas City’s training camp and participate in all club activities. He has been and will continue to be subject to conditions set forth by the District Court, Commissioner Goodell, and the Chiefs, which include clinical evaluation and therapeutic intervention.”If further information becomes available through law enforcement, the pending court proceeding, or other sources, we will promptly consider it and take all appropriate steps at that time.”The NFL’s decision not to discipline Hill stunned many in and around the league. The surprise stemmed not from the alleged violence — even though the NFL’s disciplinary process does not carry the same burden of proof as the legal system does — but from the threatening language in the recording. In particular: “You need to be terrified of me, too, dumb b—.”Said NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy: “When viewed in the context of the full 11-minute, 27-second audio recording and all other information gathered, the statement did not rise to a level of warranting discipline under the personal conduct policy.”MORE: Hill welcomed by cheers at training camplast_img read more

Deshaun Watson’s cryptic tweets inspire fan-created rumors about a Texans exit

first_imgWatson continued to tweet out song lyrics later in the week. Next up is Lil Uzi Vert’s “Wassup.”Don’t deal with the lies and the frauds. That’s why I don’t get involved. .Wassup..?— Deshaun Watson (@deshaunwatson) March 25, 2020Another cryptic song lyric tweet from Watson was a slightly altered lyric from YFN Lucci’s “Destined.” (Twitter) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/25/6c/deshaun-watson-liked-tweet_1vdrbypnkqj4f1qbzw7utibfjb.png?t=386343441&w=500&quality=80 Well, if you’ve read any of the responses to his tweets this month, you’d think he’d be playing on the Patriots soon. Or at least a team that isn’t the Texans. While most of the responses are fun, Watson hasn’t done himself any favors by constantly tweeting out cryptic song lyrics to fan the flames.This whole thing started with lyrics from a Drake song titled “Emotionless.”NFL MOCK DRAFT 2020:49ers, Vikings take advantage of new picksi don’t know how i’ma make it out of here clean. can’t even keep track of who plays for the other team..iconic duos rip and split at the seams— Deshaun Watson (@deshaunwatson) March 23, 2020On the surface, Watson is just tweeting out song lyrics. But considering everything that’s happened with the Texans this month, it’s hard not to read into this. Especially when Watson started liking tweets that referenced him going to New England. The Texans recently sent star receiver DeAndre Hopkins away in a trade that was so bad, it didn’t even go through in Madden.Hopkins’ exit, and the circumstances behind it, have led many to speculate about quarterback Deshaun Watson. He’s easily one of the best young quarterbacks in the league, but he plays on a team that just traded away its best receiver for less than market value. So what does Watson’s future have in store? never take advice from a person who don’t love you. you gotta walk light, gotta stay above water..— Deshaun Watson (@deshaunwatson) March 25, 2020Fans start Deshaun Watson to Patriots rumorsNaturally, in response to Watson’s tweets about song lyrics, fans flooded the replies with Patriots propaganda.pic.twitter.com/TPg8D3F8pa— King Brycen 👑 (@BrycenNFL) March 25, 2020Pats fans… pic.twitter.com/PIFbctZzX0— DukeD (@DukeD1989) March 25, 2020pic.twitter.com/g9aD08kMQD— Matt (@MattTyrannyNBA) March 25, 2020You’ll be a Patriot sooner than later bud— FantasyFootBub (@FantasyFootBub) March 25, 2020Keep going pic.twitter.com/N4WI8rNZ0b— rudy (@RudyByduR) March 25, 2020pic.twitter.com/244G4QV1CB— LB (@PrimeAlBundy) March 25, 2020Despite all of the desires from Patriots fans, Deshaun Watson’s contract makes it difficult for him to leave Houston any time soon. He’s still under contract through 2020, and the Texans have a team option for 2021 that they’d most definitely exercise. Houston could also do what Pittsburgh did with Le’Veon Bell and franchise tag Watson for a few years if it really came down to that.The only logical way Watson leaves the Texans is if he gets traded. Typically I’d say it’d be unrealistic for a team to trade away its star franchise quarterback, but the Texans gave away Hopkins so it seems like anything may be on the table at this point. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what comes next.last_img read more

What to know about the Madden 20 community files error and how to fix it

first_img (Madden 20) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/d4/e9/madden-20-community-files-error_2vu9svfli6sb1bmteg7aondwt.png?t=1598735569&w=500&quality=80 ORIGINAL STORY:If you’re an avid Madden gamer you likely want to take advantage of all the game’s offerings. One feature in Madden 20 is the ability to download community files. These can range from custom playbooks and sliders, but most people download draft classes and rosters.With the NFL Draft approaching and free agency mostly under our belt, right now is the time when most people like to use this feature. Helpful creators spend time making custom draft classes that can replicate current players that aren’t in the game yet. So say you want to start a Bengals franchise with Joe Burrow as your quarterback. You can do that, thanks to community files. Or maybe you’re a Bucs fan who wants to play with Tom Brady on the updated rosters. Again, community files helps you do that.But over the past couple of weeks, players have been unable to use this feature. Whenever they attempt it, an error pops up on screen saying: “The file cannot be downloaded because it has been removed by its creator.” At first you might take it at face value and the creator did delete the file. Until you keep trying different files and literally every single file has the same error.MORE: How to play with XFL teams in Madden 20 That Franchise Guy, who currently has the most downloaded draft class in community files, posted a video with a few other suggestions as well. These involve deleting files you may have previously downloaded.But for most people it seems like they are unable to fix this problem, no matter what they try. UPDATE: The Madden franchise team has fixed the community files error.When you download files it no longer gives you an error, and you should be able to download custom rosters, draft classes and more. I had some initial trouble getting the files to show up after I downloaded them, but I restarted the game and was able to get it to work.  You aren’t alone in this issue.One of the community files creators posted a recent Twitter poll asking how many people were affected, and 90% said they were unable to download any files.Have you been able to download from the Community Downloads at all in the past 48 hours?— Madden OS Community Roster for XBOX (@xAPATHYx13) April 3, 2020Thousands of gamers are frustrated with this issue and have raised their concerns with EA Sports. A community manager for Madden 20 has responded with some small updates saying the issue is “in the process of being investigated.” Others associated with the game have said they are “aware” of the issue.Madden 20 community files errorThe Madden 20 community manager provided a lengthier response in an EA forum discussing the problem. In short, it’s difficult to fix any issues at the moment as many EA Sports employees are working from home due to the coronavirus problem.Their full response:This issue surfaced shortly after launch which the team addressed in October. We started receiving larger amount of reports in January after a title update which we reported to the team to address it. Based off our findings it helped fix it for the majority of players. We’re now seeing more reports come in indicating it’s affecting a larger group of players which helps us identify what the root cause is when we gather more account examples. What’s difficult is that it’s affecting some players while others it’s working completely fine. Seems like it’s impacting more Xbox users based off the replies we’re getting in this thread and some of those troubleshooting steps have helped fix it for those that attempted them. I’ve also seen it where attempting to download it repeatedly will eventually push it through. This is by no means a way to pass the buck off to you and is it inconvenient to select the download multiple times to fix it? Absolutely and it shouldn’t function that way. Through troubleshooting methods it can help us narrow down what X account has compared to others that are also experiencing it to facilitate the fix much faster. With the current world situation and EA employees working remotely, this has made some of the workload challenging that we’re attempting to push through as trips to office locations are limited.Madden recently launched a title update, but a fix for this issue was not included.How to fix the Madden 20 community files errorSome people have claimed to have found a fix for the error, but it’s clear that these solutions don’t work for everyone (I’ve personally tried some of them and have had no success). As the community manager stated, some users simply keep trying over and over again before it eventually just works.The community manager also offered up some other suggestions.”We’ve seen players fix this by clearing the game saved data for both local and cloud on their consoles,” they said. “If you use an external hard drive, please try reinstalling the game on the internal drive after all files have been deleted on both external and internal.”last_img read more

Coronavirus and college football: Answering five looming COVID-19 questions for the 2020 season

first_imgAs COVID-19 spikes continue in the United States heading into July, the question whether college football will be played in 2020 remains uncertain.  More than 2.6 million have tested positive for COVID-19 in the United States, and the death toll has soared to more than 127,000. The number of new cases must go down in order to entertain a season.   The FBS season is supposed to begin on Aug. 29, but that date is looking more tenuous by the day. Here is a look at some of the key issues facing college football heading into a month where media days and fall camps are supposed to start.  MORE: The best College Football Playoff contenders for every conference in 2020What will Media Days look like?  Media Days are an annual July tradition that mark the unofficial start of the college season across the FBS conferences.  The COVID-19 outbreak forced all 10 conferences to switch their Media Days from on-site locations to virtual formats, and most of the conferences have not announced dates for those events — which likely will include several Zoom conferences with coaches and players. The ACC will conduct their virtual Media Days from July 21-23.  This could be a preview of what to expect if a season happens in 2020. Weekly and postgame press conferences could follow a similar virtual format.  How many schools will cancel their season?  That has happened at the lower levels.  Morehouse, a historically black college in Atlanta, canceled its football season June 26. The Southern Heritage Classic between Jackson State and Tennessee State also has been canceled.  Dayton, a FCS school that finished 8-3 in 2019, canceled its season opener against Southeast Missouri State on Sept. 3.  At the FBS level, Notre Dame and Navy moved their Aug. 29 game from Dublin, Ireland because of health concerns. The game is schedule to be played in Annapolis on Labor Day weekend.  More cancelations and scheduling hurdles can be expected in July on a state-by-state basis.  MORE: Sporting News 2020 Preseason All-AmericansHow many positive tests is too many?  It’s not just about the positive tests. It’s about how individual institutions are handling those tests.  This could become a tricky situation because schools are handling tests differently. Take Clemson and Ohio State — schools that met in the College Football Playoff last season.  On June 26, Clemson – which began testing on June 1 — announced 47 positive tests among 430 tests for its staff and student-athletes via ESPN.com. Those who tested positive must self-quarantine for 14 days.  Several other schools — including Iron Bowl rivals Alabama and Auburn — have reported positive tests for football players in June.  Ohio State, meanwhile, required student-athletes to sign a COVID-19 waiver but is not disclosing test results. The Columbus Dispatch reported on June 12 that the university, citing privacy concerns, “is not sharing cumulative information publicly as it could lead to the identification of specific individuals.”  Those differences could make playing games that much more difficult. CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd detailed the battle schools are facing for a standardized COVID-19 testing program heading into fall camp.  MORE: Ranking college football’s top 25 programs of the past 10 yearsIs playing football safe?  That’s going to be the next question given varying social distance requirements from state to state. Will players be required to wear a mask while practicing or playing? Is a contact team sport possible? How will positive COVID-19 tests impact individual programs on a week-to-week basis?  Those are safety questions that will need answered before schools can entertain having full-contact practices in the fall leading up to the college football seasons.  Most FBS schools open fall camp in late July, so the next few weeks will be important in lowering the number of positive cases across the country. Last week seven states — Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas — reported their highest number of COVID-19 related hospitalizations since the pandemic began.  Those seven states have 35 of the 130 — or 26.9 percent — of the FBS programs. The numbers in those states have to decrease significantly before assuming the risks of playing football in the fall.   What alternatives exist?  Sporting News detailed some of the alternatives in April. Those options are still being discussed, including games without fans, a late start date, conference games only or even a spring football season.  Every scenario will be explored knowing the financial implications for athletic departments if there is not a football season, but the same questions that were being asked in April linger in the summer months.  SN will continue to monitor those developments while proving preseason content if there is a 2020 college football season.last_img read more

Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh reportedly accuses Ohio State’s Ryan Day of cheating in Big Ten call

first_img“How about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?” Day responded.The incident led a fired-up Day to tell his team afterward that he intended to “hang 100” on the Wolverines. The rivals are scheduled to face each other on Oct. 24.MORE: An inside look at the movement to give student-athletes sponsorship rights Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh got prickly with Ohio State coach Ryan Day earlier this week and accused him of cheating during a virtual Big Ten meeting, according to a report from Bucknuts.com that ESPN later confirmed.Harbaugh supposedly cut off Day mid-sentence and alleged the Buckeyes had started on-field player instruction before conference rules permitted. Harbaugh has yet to beat Ohio State since arriving at Michigan (0-5) despite his deep hatred for the Buckeyes and high expectations for his program.The coach is also infamous for his tendency to sidestep social conventions and go after rivals. His heated relationship with Pete Carroll in the college ranks and NFL was a constant backdrop to USC-Stanford and 49ers-Seahawks matchups.Day took over for Urban Meyer at Ohio State on a permanent basis in 2019 and holds a 16-1 record. He led the Buckeyes to wins in all three games of Meyer’s 2018 suspension.last_img read more

Tuesday May 28th Local Sports

first_imgAMES — Girls state golf gets underway today with two-day tournaments at four different locations:== The Class 4A meet is at the Coldwater Golf Links in Ames. Thea Lunning of Mason City qualified after finishing fourth at the regional meet in Fort Dodge last week.== Ashley DeLong of Clear Lake will compete in the 3A medalist race at Otter Creek in Ankeny. DeLong shared the medalist honors at the regional meet in Waverly== In Class 2A at the Ames Golf and Country Club, Carlee Frayne of Garner-Hayfield-Ventura was the runner-up on her home course in the regional last week.== There were no qualifiers from the immediate listening area for the 1A meet, which is being held at the American Legion Golf Course in Marshalltown. TORONTO — Carroll native Nick Nurse has led the Toronto Raptors to the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. The Raptors wrapped up the Eastern Conference championship with a game six victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday night. Nurse was elevated to head coach last summer and took on a team known more for coming up short in the playoffs.Nurse says the Raptors have played their best in the post season.The Raptors won the series after losing the first two games on the road.The NBA Finals start on Thursday MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Orlando Arcia drove in three runs, including a go-ahead homer in the eighth inning that powered the Milwaukee Brewers past Minnesota 5-4 to stop the major league-leading Twins’ six-game winning streak. Josh Hader struck out Miguel Sano on three pitches with two runners on, notching his 13th save after a two-inning appearance. The Twins had a one-run decision for the first time in 11 games. They had outscored their opponents 53-16 during their six-game streak. — Girls regional soccer tonight:== Class 1A Region 5 quarterfinal5:00 PM — Garner-Hayfield-Ventura at Humboldt== Class 1A Region 6 quarterfinal6:00 PM — Clear Lake at Waterloo Columbuscenter_img OMAHA — The Iowa baseball team had a short stay in Omaha at the Big Ten Tournament. After knocking off regular season champ Indiana in the first round the Hawkeyes lost to Nebraska and Minnesota. A team that just a few weeks ago seemed to have a shot at the NCAA Tournament ends the season with a record of 31-24.That’s Iowa coach Rick Heller who felt his team overcame as much adversity as any team he has coached.The Hawkeyes lost seven of their final eight games. DES MOINES — For the second year in a row Des Moines will host the US Track and Field Championships in July. Drake Relays director Blake Boldon says two factors help Iowa land national meets. One is Drake Stadium and the second is a large fan following the sports has in the state.It is the seventh time Des Moines has hosted a national meet since the remodeling of Drake Stadium 13 years ago.Boldon says by updating the track and bringing all the throwing events inside the complex the stadium can regularly compete to host national events.Boldon expects Drake Stadium to continue to play host to big meets outside of the Relays and the High School Championships.This year’s event takes place July 25-28.last_img read more

Lake Mills man faces several charges from New Year’s Day crash that injured 10

first_imgFOREST CITY — Charges have been filed against a Lake Mills man in connection with a head-on crash that severely injured 10 people on New Year’s Day. 20-year-old Michael Olsen has been charged with six counts of serious injury by vehicle, OWI, and second offense possession of marijuana. The Iowa State Patrol responded to a crash about five miles northwest of Forest City on 120th Avenue south of County Road A-42 at about 2:21 on New Year’s Day morning when a pickup and vehicle collided. Court documents state that further investigation shows that Olsen, as the driver of one of the vehicles, was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Olsen was arrested on Wednesday and has posted bond. Online court records do not indicate when he’s next due to appear in court.last_img read more

Plea change hearing scheduled for Lake Mills woman accused of pointing gun while drunk

first_imgMANLY — A plea change hearing is set for a Lake Mills woman accused of pointing a gun at another person. 33-year-old Jennie Aasland was accused of pointing a gun at a woman and her family on July 7th in Manly. Authorities say a pistol was found in the gravel between Aasland and the victim, and that Aasland admitted at the time of the incident to driving to Manly with a blood alcohol level of .205, which is two-and-a-half times above the legal limit. Aasland was originally charged with assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, unauthorized possession of an offensive weapon, and second-offense OWI. Her trial was scheduled to start on January 22nd, but online court records show that District Judge Rustin Davenport on Monday approved the scheduling of a plea change hearing in the case for February 3rd in Worth County District Court.last_img read more

Iowa State expert cites alternative meat products’ benefits, concerns

first_imgAMES, Iowa — Going into 2020, there’s continued excitement for alternative meat products and their benefits. But an Iowa-based expert says consumers should learn more about them.Over the past year, the food world buzzed over items such as plant-based hamburgers, which are designed to taste like meat but have less impact on the environment than animal-based products. There’s also a perception they are healthier to eat.Ruth Litchfield is a professor of food science and human nutrition at Iowa State University. She said the environmental benefits are there, but the health benefits may not be.“My biggest concern about some of these products is not what the constituents of them are, so it’s not the ingredients that are of concern to me, but it’s the consumer perception that these are going to be nutritionally very similar to the traditional product,” Litchfield said.For example, Litchfield said some plant-based burgers on the market are higher in saturated fat and sodium than the meat they are meant to replace. She said they also have less protein and a lower-quality protein.She said much of the perceptions mirror what happened when many different styles of milk hit the market in recent years.The Impossible Foods company recently unveiled plans for an alternative to pork. That has some worried about how it might harm producers in Iowa, which is the leading pork-producing state in the U.S.But Litchfield said it’s too early to say how the new products might affect existing industries.“It really could go either way, and it’s really going to depend on the consumer demand and the acceptance of these products,” she said.Despite some of the hype and popularity surrounding alternative meat products, research has shown the U.S. consumption of traditional meats has rebounded in recent years.last_img read more