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Rabat – The governments of Morocco and Uganda have expressed their shared enthusiasm for establishing strong diplomatic relations. The two governments wish to rekindle “parliamentary diplomacy” and facilitate cooperation on a number of development-related issues.Meeting with Rebecca Kadaga Alitwala, the speaker of the Ugandan parliament, Saad Eddine El Othmani, Morocco’s Head of Government, reiterated the North African country’s will to uphold its Africa-oriented diplomacy. He also emphasized Morocco’s determination to strengthen cooperation with fellow African countries. He said Morocco would be happy to share with Uganda its experience in coming to terms with challenges in a wide range of sectors, including education, security, insurance, and agriculture. El Othmani, speaking animatedly of Morocco’s increasingly active role in Africa, said that the country has a genuine interest in taking part and playing a much bigger role in the advancement of the African continent, which it considers its “home.” He described the prospective diplomatic breakthrough with Uganda as a logical extension of Morocco’s eagerness to improve relations with the rest of Africa. Read also: Morocco and Uganda Sign Bilateral Football AgreementAlitwala, who is heading a parliamentary delegation tasked with laying the groundwork of increased diplomatic relations with Morocco, emphasized the need to invest in “parliamentary diplomacy.” This, she argued, would be an effective way of ironing out differences and bridging the gaps of any divergence that may have kept the two countries from engaging with one another for four decades. Reiterating El Othmani’s most important points, she highlighted the advantage that both countries will gain from strengthening their bilateral connections. The Ugandan MP spoke about the need for increased exposure to each other’s realities as the basis for a strong bilateral cooperation. Her country, she stressed, has indeed a lot to learn from Morocco in areas like education and banking. To do so, she proposed establishing an exchange program for Moroccan and Ugandan students to learn more about their two countriesAfter 40 years when “nothing much has been going on” between the two countries, she argued, the desire from both countries to commit to much stronger relations would require solid institutional foundations. “The bilateral is something we need to develop,” she said.For Morocco, rekindling ties with Uganda comes as yet another important step forward in the realization of its African gaze. Since the North African country reunited with its fellow African countries in January 2018, when it joined the African Union, cooperation with Africa seems to have emerged as perhaps the foundational pillar of Morocco’s identity in the international arena.“For us, cooperating with the rest of Africa is not only a desire; it is a priority,” one high-ranking Moroccan official said recently.El Othmani echoed that sentiment throughout his meeting with Alitwala. He noted that “commitment to Africa” is of paramount importance to King Mohammed VI, the main initiator of what has come to be known as Morocco’s “royal diplomacy” aimed at asserting the kingdom’s Africanness. read more

Unless more assistance is provided, local and national authorities in Cameroon may not be able to keep up with the needs of the rising number of refugees from the Central African Republic (CAR), the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said in a media statement.Violence in the CAR, especially in the northwest and northeast of the impoverished country, has led many residents to flee to Cameroon or Chad in recent years, but the numbers entering Cameroon have picked up pace this year.The Cameroon office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) registered some 23,000 Central Africans between May and October and expects another 7,000 to 10,000 ethnic Mbororos, a nomadic people, to also seek refuge in the near future.“These new arrivals would seriously tax the host country’s ability to provide humanitarian assistance and would also increase the risk of tension, because natural resources in the area, especially water, are running low and will soon be insufficient to sustain both the host populations and the displaced,” OCHA said in its statement.The situation is particularly grim in the CAR as well: although the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the northeast has fallen recently, the numbers in the northwest keep rising because of ongoing kidnappings and other crimes and also continued clashes between the national army and rebels.Local media reported that on Monday rebels killed one Government soldier and injured four others during an attack close to the border with Cameroon. Nomadic cattle farmers have started avoiding their usual trails and begun searching for safer routes near cities and towns.In total, more than 300,000 Central Africans, or about 7 per cent of the national population, are either internally displaced across the north or live as refugees in other countries. 28 November 2007The United Nations relief wing today called for greater international assistance so that it can help more than 45,000 Central African refugees living in eastern Cameroon after fleeing violence and insecurity in their neighbouring homeland. read more

With the loonie losing value against the American dollar, U.S. home prices climbing and the potential for higher mortgage rates, Canadian snowbirds may have missed the best time to buy a winter getaway property.But that doesn’t mean the window has closed completely, industry experts say.According to the most recent data from the Washington-based National Association of Realtors, the median home in the U.S. during the first quarter of 2013 fetched $176,000. That’s about 12% more than a year earlier, although it remains well below a peak of $227,000 prior to the 2008-09 recession.Even so, the national figure vastly underestimates the plunge in some sunbelt regions such as Florida and Arizona — the two most popular destinations for Canadians — since the heady pre-slump days when prices shot through the roof and financial controls for issuing mortgages were practically non-existent.Starting in about 2007, Florida, and to some extent Arizona, were hit by a “tsunami” of factors that contributed to the plunge in property values. Along with the national recession, these states were also hammered by years of overbuilding, a higher level of foreclosures, and a steeper fall-off in demand.Joe Morgan, a.k.a. the Golf Home Guru, an agent specializing in golf-related properties in southwest Florida, said prices for vacation properties where he lives in Naples tumbled by 50 per cent or more.It was coincidentally also a time when the Canadian dollar appreciated in value to parity or above, sweetening the pot for snowbirds.The realtors report shows 2012 and 2013 were the best two years for sales to foreigners in history, with Canadians accounting for almost one-quarter of those purchases — twice as many as any other source nation.The median purchase by Canadians in the past year was for a home valued at $183,000, with Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Naples, Fla., and Las Vegas, Nev., being among their top choices.“(Snowbird) business has been solid now for three years in a row,” said Morgan. “Probably two, three years back was the ideal time to buy, but our prices have started going up over the last 12 to 18 months.” Last year, the median price of a home in Naples rose 17.4 per cent, and continues to rise at about 10 to 12 per cent so far into 2013.Still, that’s a long way from the peak.“Distress properties, foreclosures and short sales, are a lot more limited now than they were, but there’s still some opportunities out there,” he said. “So I don’t think there’s any reason for Canadians to give up on the dream at this time. There’s still some strong values. It’s just that they didn’t catch the market at its bottom.”With the American economy widely projected to pick up steam starting in the second half of 2013 and returning to a more traditional growth rate of near three per cent in 2014, the national real-estate association predicts home prices will continue to appreciate over the next few years.Meanwhile, the Canadian dollar is no longer worth more than the U.S. dollar and is now trading four to five cents below parity, meaning any purchase comes with a surcharge once exchange rate conversion costs are added.Some economists believe the loonie will hold at the current level for the rest of the year, but some, including the TD Bank, is projecting a fall to 90 cents US by the end of 2013. Few think the Canadian currency will strengthen this year.But Jed Smith, a research director with the realtors’ group, said the current conditions still represent a bargain for Canadians historically.“Obviously earlier would have been better (but) later will probably be worse,” he said.Although conditions are tightening, Richard Silver of Sotheby’s International Realty in Toronto says that may actually spur more Canadians to take the plunge in the next few years.“As the market moves up, sometimes people buy because they are afraid that if they wait longer they are really going to have to pay more,” Smith explained.“It’s like when rates go up, people say, ‘I’ve got to buy now because in five years they’ll really be high and I won’t be able to afford it.”’Morgan said Canadians who do buy American properties should be realistic about the potential investment returns. While prices may still be 25 or 30 per cent below pre-slump peaks, those heady real estate values were both extraordinary and a bit of a mirage, and may not be seen again for many, many years.“They were artificial prices caused by phoney financing that was available, and the inventory got so low that it didn’t matter what the property was, people wanted it. It got ludicrous,” said Morgan. “I think the market is much more conservative now.” read more

A damning presidential report into the scandal accused Mahendran of insider trading and recommended the state recover its losses from the former bank official and his son-in-law. Sri Lanka’s central bank also launched a forensic audit to ascertain the extent of insider trading during Mahendran’s tenure at the bank. (Colombo Gazette) Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said authorities in the city state have been cooperating with their Sri Lankan counterparts on the case since January.However, it said in a statement that Sri Lanka’s request to return Mahendran “lacked certain information required under Singapore’s extradition laws”. The Sri Lankan president said he had appealed to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in January to return Mahendran, who is believed to be in Singapore, but claimed nothing had been done. “To date, Singapore has not yet received the requested supporting information and documents,” it said.“We look forward to receiving the requested information from Sri Lanka, so that we can consider the request further in accordance with our laws.”Singapore can extradite fugitives to declared Commonwealth countries, including Sri Lanka.Mahendran was named as a key suspect in the Sri Lanka multimillion dollar bond scam in February last year. He fled abroad, failing to appear in court to respond to charges. Mahendran, a Singapore national of Sri Lankan origin, was accused in 2015 of passing sensitive information to his son-in-law, a bond dealer, to make millions.The pair are accused of manipulating bond auctions in 2015 and 2016, causing losses of over US$11 million to the state. Singapore on Wednesday rejected Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena’s allegation that it was sheltering a former central bank chief wanted for fraud, saying Colombo failed to provide documents to support its extradition request, the AFP news agency reported.On Monday, Sirisena accused Singapore of sheltering Arjuna Mahendran, one of his country’s former central bank chiefs wanted in connection with a high-profile US$74 million insider trading scam. read more

After she retired she worked in a local shop for a number of years.Ms Smith said: “Most people who have commented have sent their best wishes to her and think she’s a brave lady. The family agree – she is brave and she is a wonderful inspiration to everyone who knows her.”We are all so very grateful to Greater Manchester Police for being so agreeable to take part in this surprise for her. It really has made an old lady very happy.” Josie Birds in the back of a police van Josie Birds, from north Manchester, requested to be taken into custody by officers as she said she had been good all her lifeCredit:PA Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Greater Manchester Police responded to Ms Smith on Twitter and said: “I’m glad our officers could help out, looks like she got the full experience!”Give our best to Josie and I’ll try and pass your message back to the officers who kindly helped out.”Ms Birds, who has six daughters, 20 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren, worked at Avro Energy, where she met her husband Alf. A 92-year-old great-great-grandmother was arrested by police at her own request because she “wanted to know what it was like to be naughty”.Josie Birds, from north Manchester, requested to be taken into custody by officers as she said she had been good all her life.The experience was organised by a family friend and two off-duty officers came to her house on Saturday afternoon.Her granddaughter Pam Smith said: “They accused her of robbing a Co-op and her response was, ‘I don’t do my shopping in Co-op’.”They put her in handcuffs and took her to the police station in the back of the van, where they ‘questioned’ her rigorously.”She wanted to go into the cells too, but they drew the line at that and gave her tea and cake instead. She was lit up all day Sunday talking about it, and she is still excited about her experience.” read more

first_imgA new survey published by Clifford Chance identifies top drivers and risks for M&A across an increasingly complex global landscape. More than half (57%) of mining and metals sector respondents to a new survey, Cross-border M&A: Perspectives on a changing world, are expecting current cross-border M&A activity levels to be maintained or increased over the next two years. Some 70% of sector respondents expect to focus on strengthening their core business rather than diversifying into new areas and, accordingly perhaps, the great majority (59%) expect to see some disposal of assets in response to tax, regulatory and political risks.The research, which was conducted by the Economist Intelligent Unit on behalf of Clifford Chance, surveyed nearly 400 companies with annual revenues in excess of $1 billion from across a range of regions and industry sectors, including the mining and metals sector.The survey also revealed that 55% of mining and metals companies are focusing their M&A strategy on high-growth economies, rather than domestic (28%) or global developed markets (17%).A number of significant themes in the mining and metals sector emerge from the survey findings:Shareholder pressure was a frequently identified driver behind sales in the sector (cited by 32% of mining respondents). Despite record income from historically high commodity prices, many mining companies have significant funding pressures because of record capital expenditure commitments. Shareholders are increasingly concerned about the impact of project spend on earnings and there is mounting pressure for companies to respond by selling non-core and costly assetsCultural integration issues emerged as a more prominent barrier to M&A activity (for 24% of mining respondents). Additionally, some 67% of mining respondents agree that concerns about cultural differences are a deterrent to pursuing cross-border deals – a higher figure than any other sectorMinority investment in a local company is, overwhelmingly, the most popular deal structure. For buyers, this can manage exposure to operational and regulatory risks as well as overcome merger control issues. For sellers, minority stakes can be sold to raise funds for projects while maintaining overall controlCash is not necessarily king: Acquisition activity is less likely to be funded by cash than in other sectors. Cash is preferred by only 16% of mining respondents against an average of 37% across all sectors, despite many miners having record cash inflows from increased production and high commodity prices. Acquirers are willing to consider a range of funding sourcesSovereign wealth funds are the most important finance source for the mining and metals sector according to 32% of respondents (up from 22% two years ago), the highest level across all sectors, and a sign of the strategic importance of commodity supply to developing economies.David Lewis, co-head of Mining and Metals sector commented, “The energy, mining and utilities sector has been the most active sector by value in 2011 with some $557.1billion in announced deals, up 3.6% from 2010 ($537.7billion). This buoyant market was fuelled in part by the Asian superpowers’ continued fight for natural resources and assets becoming available at reasonable prices. While the frenzy may have slowed, we see that continued strong demand for natural resources, with particular focus on the untapped resources of less well-developed regions such as Africa, and shareholder pressure to focus on core assets, will still drive deal flow in the sector.”last_img read more

first_imgA WREATH WILL be laid by Irish Taoiseach Enda Kenny at the memorial to those who were killed or injured in the Boston Marathon bombing last month.Kenny will lay the wreath during his visit to Boston, which will also take in a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of President John F Kennedy’s 1963 visit to Ireland.The Taoiseach is leaving for the United States today, and after his arrival he will attend a function at the JFK Library to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the visit. He will address an audience of politicians and business people on the strength of US-Ireland relations at the event.Tomorrow, he will lay the wreath at the Boston bombings memorial in Copley Square.On Monday morning, Kenny will attend a business breakfast event organised by the IDA and Enterprise Ireland, at which he will promote Ireland as an “excellent location for trade, business and investment”, his office said.Later that same day, he will travel to Boston College, where he will be presented with an honorary doctorate. While there, he will also give the commencement address to the 3,000 students of the 2013 graduating class in the college’s football stadium, in front of 20,000 people.Read: Enda Kenny played a ‘significant role’ in the Celtic Tiger, says US college>last_img read more

first_imgDUBLIN CITY COUNCIL has refused permission for two out of the five planned Garth Brooks concerts to go ahead at Croke Park at the end of this month.An estimated 400,000 tickets were sold for the five concerts before the decision was made on the licence.However, residents in the Croke Park area were unhappy from the start, saying they had been reassured that just three concerts would take place each year, and that One Direction had already played three nights in May.In its licence decision today, Dublin City Council said the cumulative effect of five shows would lead to an “unacceptable” level of disruption to the lives of people in the area.What do you think? Is Dublin City Council right to refuse permission for two Garth Brooks gigs?  Yes – and they should stop all five of the gigs (1709) GAAAARRRRTTTTHHHHH (808) Yes – and they should stop all five of the gigsYes – they were right to cancel twoNo, all five gigs should go aheadGAAAARRRRTTTTHHHHHVoteRead: Permission granted for just THREE of the scheduled five Garth Brooks concerts > Read: The 11 most important Twitter reactions to the Garth Brooks news > No, all five gigs should go ahead (6693) Poll Results: Yes – they were right to cancel two (4537)last_img read more

first_imgWhen Google released Android 4.0, we all knew it was not going to put an end to the various flavors of Android out there. Like every other Linux distribution, there are those who feel like their way is better, so the primary code base gets forked to accommodate their changes. By having their own version of Android, the manufacturers are able to control things to some extent, instead of letting Google take the reigns and run.While I personally believe that the stock Android experience is the way to go, there are those who prefer the variations on Android. One of the most pronounced in the group is HTC’s Sense UI. For Android 4.0, HTC released Sense 4 as their fork. There’s plenty of the old familiar improvements, but also some changes that seem to effectively get in the way of Android 4.0.The LauncherFor Android 4.0, the application launcher was completely re-designed and the experience was greatly improved. There exist gour spaces on the launcher dock that are completely user defined, even to the point where folders could be attached to the dock for multiple apps. The launcher drawer itself was re-imagined to so as to not just be for apps, but for anything that could be placed on the homescreen which meant that now widgets had their own, easy-to-navigate home. In the past, HTC has been able to offer improvements to the previous versions of the Android launcher, but I am not convinced that the Sense 4 launcher makes things easier.You’ll notice immediately upon opening the Sense 4 app drawer that things are different. Your apps are all pretty much in the same place, but your widgets are gone entirely, moved to the homescreen and accessible by long press. In Android 4.0 stock, when you long press on the homescreen, you are presented with the ability to change you wallpaper. Since HTC’s wallpaper preferences are inside the Personalize setting, a feature HTC includes to act as a theme manager.Additionally, there are several ways you can organize your apps in HTC Sense 4. Instead of just listing them alphabetically, you can allow the apps you use more frequently to float to the top, or you can manually sort the apps the way you see fit.All told, more features is rarely a bad thing, I take issue here with HTC’s implementation however. Most of the improvements made by HTC are just re-arranging the location of things to better suit their services, and as a result increase the number of actions needed to complete any given task on the Launcher.The SettingsHTC has had a long-standing history of messing up the Settings in Android. They take functions that are already in plain sight and bury them inside of other menus, out of some backwards intent to make the menu look better. In previous versions of Android, HTC would hide things — like the hard reset function inside of the Privacy menu — completely displacing them from where they were previously located. There wasn’t any benefit to this, it was just for aesthetics. Android 4.0 adjusted a lot in Settings, and added a few new things as well. Unfortunately, Sense 4 doesn’t have room for that nonsense.The Data tool, arguably one of the most important new features of Android 4.0, allows the user to set limits for how much mobile data is being used. You can be given warnings when you use too much, or just cut yourself off altogether when you reach a certain point. The information provided there is critical, especially in a world filled with data limits and overage fees. In stock Android 4.0, this feature is made easily accessible from the main Setting screen. HTC Sense 4 hides this function under the More section in the Settings, making it generally harder to find.This isn’t a terrible thing, just a minor inconvenience, but it’s a shining example of HTC’s priorities when designing the interface. HTC felt that Airplane Mode and the ability to disable your mobile data were more important, so the icon got moved. In fact, they even managed to modify the interface for data usage to make it easier to see things like how many minutes you were using and how many texts you were sending. The implementation, and the decision to usurp such an important tool from users, seems like a significant mistake.Selecting Multiple ItemsGoogle has always been a huge fan of the long press — the almost hidden function that brings a whole new context to whatever your doing. In fact, when designing Android 4.0, Google made it very easy to use the long press function to select multiple items in a list or grid. Take, for example, the photo gallery app. When I want to take multiple photos and email them to someone, or post them as an album on Google+, or upload them to Dropbox, I can just long press on the files I want. When I select multiple files, those files gain a faint blue border to tell me I chose that file. If I long press again, it goes away. From here, I can tap the share button and the files go wherever I sent them.HTC Sense 4 does something similar, but in a different order. When you get to your gallery, you can choose an individual item and press share. If you want to share multiple items, you need to press share first, and the choose the destination. Once you have a destination, you are taken back to the gallery and shown a series of photos with check boxes next to them. You need to select the item you want and when you are finished, the items get sent to their destination. The result is the same, but the steps are confusingly different.After presenting several people who had never used Android 4.0 before the HTC One S, not one of them was able to guess the correct order of operations on their own. There’s no instructions for this action, and it is not at all obvious that HTC even offers the ability to select multiple items. HTC seemed only interested in removing the long press function for the sake of the user, but would up making this process more complicated as a result.The Menu ButtonFor their first batch of Android 4.0 devices, HTC opted not to use software buttons, like the ones you see on the Galaxy Nexus. HTC Also decided that the typical four soft button layout of the previous generation of Android devices wasn’t modern enough. So, in an attempt to look fresh and new, HTC switched to a three button layout for Android 4.0, very similar to how stock Android 4.0 looks about 85% of the time. For the first couple of minutes that you use a new HTC Android phone, you don’t even notice the problem with this layout as it applies to Android 4.0.Google’s new UI standards include the ability to move your menu button to the top right of the screen. It takes the software button and moves it to a place where it is typically out of the way. Many Android app developers have begun to optimize their apps for the Android 4.0 experience, but like most things it takes time. It is not enough to simply offer the change, but you must offer a compelling reason to change. If you’re a big important social network like Twitter, you might feel like you don’t need to optimize for a version of the OS that less than 5% of the Android userbase is even using at the moment. As a result, you get a software menu button that takes up more space than any software button has ever taken up in Android.A large block stripe stretches the width of your screen, filling the space to provide you with a menu button, since your HTC phone does not have a hardware menu button. As long as that app is not optimized for Android 4.0, you are stuck with this black bar that takes away valuable screen real estate and provides a single task that would otherwise be used by a software button, or even an older phone with a soft button, has been completely wasted.USB Host Mode DisabledThere’s no, and I mean absolutely no, good reason for this choice HTC made. In the past, one of the most common exploits for a phone was an attack on the security locking the phone down from the microSD card. As more and more phones remove the microSD slot in favor of onboard storage, the only way to add removable storage to an Android 4.0 device is with USB Host Mode. This allows you to connect a variety of devices — not just storage — to an Android device and use them on the phone or tablet. Flash drives, Xbox 360 controllers, and even a printer or two work using this method. It is a great feature for the power user to have, slowly bridging the gap that defines your smartphone as anything other than a tiny computer.HTC removed this functionality, with no real explanation as to why. When you connect a device that is not approved by HTC into their Android 4.0 devices, nothing happens. Many users won’t even notice, but for the users that do notice, this just becomes yet another reason to root the phone. Since the feature was disabled at the kernel level, once the source code for HTC’s devices are released, the intrepid Android hacker and modder community will bring the feature back in the form of custom ROMs. By removing the feature, all HTC managed to do was further encourage users to achieve root access on their phones.This isn’t a first for HTC, either. The company helped carriers slow the onslaught of users trying to use the Wifi Hotspot feature implemented in Android 2 by removing the feature altogether on their devices. Eventually, the carriers adapted their plans to include tethering, and the feature was restored on most devices. There’s no carrier to blame for removing this feature, so HTC remains silent on why they made this decision.Final ThoughtsThe fact of the matter is that HTC is the best of the forked versions of Android out there. Despite the flaws highlighted here, Sense 4 is by far the closest thing to a complete thought. Many users who have never used a stock Android device won’t even find most of these things to be problems. After all, they have nothing to compare the experience to. HTC’s changes to Android allow them to brand this version of the OS as their own, and gives the company more than enough hooks that exist as standalone features. This way, if the company drops Android, they can keep a great deal of the features and functions that their users have grown accustom to.In short, Sense 4 is the final word on HTC ever going back to a stock Android experience. It is unlikely to ever happen again.last_img read more

first_imgGalway seek revenge on Rossies, Dr Hyde Park factor and tactical battle awaits 5 talking points as Galway and Roscommon meet in the Connacht SFC final for a third straight year. By Kevin O’Brien Saturday 16 Jun 2018, 7:05 AM Short URL 7 Comments 1. Galway seek revenge for 2017ROSCOMMON ARRIVED INTO Salthill last July as huge underdogs and executed the perfect coup to stun favourites and holders Galway for their first provincial title since 2010. Source: Bryan Keane/INPHOBefore that, the Tibesmen were on a steady trajectory having lifted the Division 2 league title and promotion to the top flight before they dispatched Mayo in the Connacht semi-final.Galway enjoyed six wins on the trot heading into the decider but Kevin McStay’s side pummelled in 1-6 inside 15 minutes and ran out comfortable nine-point winners with a free-flowing display of attacking football.With that defeat still fresh in the minds, Galway will be hoping to right a few wrongs later tomorrow afternoon.2. Are Roscommon undercooked?A kind draw meant the Rossies had only Division 4 opponents Leitrim between them and the Connacht final, while Galway needed to overcome Mayo and Sligo to reach this stage.The Tribesmen had a severe test of their credentials in the quarter-final against a Mayo outfit desperate to avoid another long slog through the qualifiers. A victory like that would have left Kevin Walsh’s charges brimming with confidence.Roscommon’s last competitive game before the semi-final was the Division 2 league final against Cavan where the sides shared eight goals in an extremely open game at Croke Park on 1 April.But McStay showed last year he was able to have his side bouncing off the turf for the provincial decider after a win over Leitrim, so Galway will have to be on their guard for another ambush. Source: Bryan Keane/INPHO3. Kevin Walsh’s well-oiled machineGalway have clearly made a significant leap forward in 2018. A primary reason for that has been Walsh nailing down a solid central spine in the team with Sean Andy O’Ceallaigh a critical addition at full-back.Paul Conroy and Thomas Flynn are named at midfield in an area the Tribe are well stocked with Peter Cooke and Ciaran Duggan on the bench. Shane Walsh should line out at 11 with Damien Comer at 14 – on their day they’re undoubtedly two of the best forwards in the country.Damien Comer with a lovely point for Galway!— The GAA (@officialgaa) May 13, 2018 ‘Instead of slating his ex-manager, he should be thanking him’ – Mugsy on Harte-Cavanagh war of wordsDiarmuid Connolly joining host of inter-county stars at Boston club for the summercenter_img Share45 Tweet Email Walsh took some flak for his poor shooting display against Mayo but he’s clearly been working on his accuracy and posted 0-5 the last day out.Comer, Galway’s battering ram, has 2-4 to his name so far in the competition, while Corofin ace Ian Burke is also likely to spend time at full-forward to keep the Roscommon defence guessing. Source: Laszlo Geczo/INPHO4. Dr Hyde Park factorMcStay was adamant after the semi-final that Roscommon would have home advantage, despite Connacht Council concerns over the ability of Dr Hyde Park to stage the game.“It will be played in the Hyde, I have no doubt it will,” he declared. “We’ll certainly be turning up in the Hyde. I hope someone else is there to meet us on the day.”After travelling to Pearse Stadium last year it was Roscommon’s turn to host the provincial final in accordance the rota system and McStay made it clear that the Rossies would fight tooth and nail for the right to host the game.The Roscommon county board released a statement to say they would fully accept the Connacht CCC’s decision on the venue, but McStay’s conviction paid off when ‘the Hyde’ was awarded the game. He was well aware that playing at home could be worth a point or two to the reigning champions, who go in as big underdogs. Source: Laszlo Geczo/INPHO5. Tactical battle awaitsLike the majority of inter-county sides, both Galway and Roscommon defend in numbers and like to employ a quick counter-attacking game going forward.Roscommon typically drop Niall Kilroy from the half-forward line to a sweeping role when they defend, while wing-forwards Enda Smith and Conor Devaney will filter back to help out their backs.Galway are not quite as defensive as some pundits would have you believe, but their half-forward line do work back past midfield to help protect the scoring zone.It could be a battle of the counter-attacks, with the pace of Walsh, Eamonn Brannigan, Comer and Burke on one side, while Roscommon have speed merchants in Donie Smith, Devaney and the Murtagh brothers.Both sides will be hoping to maintain a presence on the half-forward line and transition from defence with long kick-passing. Whichever team can pull that off and make the most of their scoring opportunities should be celebrating with the Nestor Cup tomorrow evening.The42 is on Instagram! Tap the button below on your phone to follow us! Follow us: 13,509 Views Jun 16th 2018, 7:06 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

first_img Short URL By Gerard Cunningham Updated Jun 21st 2018, 6:59 PM Mick Wallace arrives at the Disclosures Tribunal today. Source: Leah Farrell/RollingNews.ieDAIL DEPUTY MICK Wallace has told the Charleton tribunal that he believes there was an orchestrated campaign to undermine Garda whistleblower Sergeant Maurice McCabe.The tribunal is looking at allegations by Superintendent David Taylor that he was directed when he was Garda Press Officer to smear Sergeant McCabe. Former commissioners Martin Callinan and Nóirín O’Sullivan deny there was any smear campaign.Wallace told the tribunal that he met with Sergeant McCabe about revelations made by Superintendent Taylor on 3 October 2016. He said the sergeant told him that Supt Taylor had confirmed what he had suspected, that there was a campaign to discredit him because of his efforts to expose Garda malpractices.Wallace and fellow TD Clare Daly subsequently met with Supt Taylor. Wallace said he got the impression that phone text messages were used as part of the campaign to undermine Sergeant McCabe.“It’s possible that he didn’t specifically say that he sent texts out in text form but it was the impression I left his home with,” Wallace said.Wallace said that after Taylor’s evidence that no texts were used in the campaign, he phoned the superintendent to clarify if he had said to him that texts were sent. He said  Taylor’s response was no. The TD said he was never told by any journalist about what  Taylor was saying about McCabe, “but our relationship with journalists is pretty poor”.Trumped upWallace said that when they met, Superintendent Taylor “did feel he was being unfairly treated. He did feel there were trumped up charges against him”.“Given everything we have learned since, it’s probably fair to say that he was embellishing how he was being treated,” Wallace said.Wallace said that he was given the impression that phones belonging to Superintendent Taylor were seized during a Garda investigation into media leaks “to get rid of evidence”.Wallace said that he believed that Superintendent Taylor had told more of the truth in their initial meeting than he had in his evidence to the tribunal.“I think he told us more of the truth in his living room than he told here,” Wallace said.Wallace said that when he met with Superintendent Taylor, he found him remorseful and genuine, and “in a bad place mentally”.“He did seem genuinely sorry that he had done serious damage to Maurice McCabe and his family. That was the impression that we got and we felt that he was being sincere,”  Wallace said.“He may have embellished how he was treated himself, but I actually believed what he was saying in relation to the orchestrated campaign against Maurice,” Wallace said.Wallace said he did not believe Superintendent Taylor “would have put his head above the parapet” if he had not “run foul of the authorities himself”.Wallace said that in hindsight, Taylor “was being a bit economical with the truth”, and it was up to the tribunal chairman to decide whether or not there had been an orchestrated campaign against McCabe.“I’d say there had never been a judge in the history of the State told so many lies,”  Wallace said.“I believe that he was being truthful to us about the orchestrated campaign against Maurice. He was obviously less truthful about how he was being treated himself,”  Wallace said.RubbishedWallace said that he first met with Sergeant McCabe around 2012, and had ongoing contacts since then.“For a good part of two years we were ridiculed and rubbished for anything we said. We were told we were barking up the wrong tree,” Wallace said.Earlier, two senior RTÉ production staff told the tribunal of conversations they had with journalist Philip Boucher-Hayes about derogatory remarks made by former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan.Boucher-Hayes previously told the tribunal that in a conversation before a Crimeline programme in December 2013, Callinan told him that McCabe had “psychological and psychiatric issues”, and had done “horrific things, the worst kind of things”.In 2007 the DPP directed no prosecution after a Garda investigation into abuse allegations made by Miss D against Sergeant McCabe, saying no evidence of a crime had been disclosed.Niamh O’Connor, who was the commissioning editor for the programme, said that before the broadcast she asked Boucher-Hayes to speak to Callinan about questions he would be asked during the Crimeline broadcast.Early the following year, Boucher-Hayes told her in a conversation that the garda commissioner had said McCabe had “psychological and psychiatric issues”.Tom Donnelly, a series producer on Drivetime in 2013, said that he had a conversation in late December with Boucher-Hayes, probably on 30 December 2013, about the conversation with Callinan.Boucher-Hayes first said words to the effect of “you might not believe this”, Donnelly said.“He then proceeded to tell me the conversation he had with Callinan and the references to McCabe. He said the commissioner had told him that McCabe had problems and he made references or allusions, and this is the word that stuck in my head, to the worst kind of things or the worst sort of things,” Donnelly said.Information Maurice McCabe Source: Leah FarrellDonnelly said he felt that Boucher-Hayes was “surprised” by what Callinan told him, and later made efforts to follow up with an interview or response with Callinan after the report of the O’Higgins commission of investigation was published. By that time,  Callinan had retired, and Boucher-Hayes was unable to contact him.Donnelly said that he had been following the tribunal on social media, which was how he first learned that Boucher-Hayes had named him at the tribunal. Donnelly said he could not say if Boucher-Hayes was concerned at what he was told by Callinan.“I think he was surprised that a senior Garda figure would say something like this to him,” Donnelly said.John Barrett, the head of human resources in An Garda Síochána, a position equivalent to the rank of assistant commissioner, said that his minutes of meetings with Sergeant McCabe were “fully complete”. He added that he had not told the sergeant that a briefing to RTÉ journalist Paul Reynolds “came from Block One”, the part of Garda HQ containing commissioner O’Sullivan’s office.Allegations ‘peddled’ to newsroomsAllegations against McCabe were being “peddled” to newsrooms in Dublin, a national newspaper editor also told the Charleton Tribunal todayIrish Daily Mirror editor John Kierans said he was never “negatively briefed” by Superintendent Taylor, but he subsequently learned that “the story had been peddled to other newsrooms around town”.Mr Justice Peter Charleton repeated that there was an obligation on any journalist who had information about allegations against McCabe to come forward, and “if people say they have privilege but they know something, I’d much rather know that than for them to simply sit in their office blocks and not come to the tribunal and not communicate”.I regard it as not a legal obligation but much much more serious than that, a patriotic obligation of people who know something to come forward so that the people of Ireland aren’t left in the daft situation that people who know things in the journalism profession have not come forward, but nonetheless will be able to write articles about what happened to them in the aftermath of the tribunal report.Justice Charleton said that if journalists did not come forward, it could affect their credibility and cause damage to media outlets.Kierans said that in early 2014, crime reporter Cathal McMahon came to him with “a cracking story” that McCabe had been questioned about alleged sexual abuse and that this was confirmed by the Garda Press Office.In 2007 the DPP directed no prosecution after a Garda investigation into abuse allegations made by Miss D, saying no evidence of a crime was disclosed.“But my antenna was up, I felt something wasn’t right,” Kierans said.Kierans said it was one thing for someone to be questioned by police, but there had been no charges, so he took a decision to hold off.“As an editor I always follow my gut instinct, and I’m glad I did on this one,” Kierans said.Kierans said that it “alarmed” him that the Garda Press Office was confirming an allegation against one of their own members. He said he had forgotten about the allegation as McMahon was no longer working with the paper, until McMahon’s name came up in passing and it “triggered a memory”.McMahon told the tribunal that after he heard an allegation about McCabe in January or February 2014, he contacted Taylor in the Garda Press Office.McMahon said that Taylor confirmed the story to him, and “the only addition was he said maybe I should go to Cavan”.“My information was the allegation related to the alleged sexual assault of a child in Cavan,” McMahon said. The source of the allegation was not a garda and Taylor did not name anyone to talk to in Cavan, McMahon said.David Ferry BL, on behalf of Taylor, suggested that it was his client who had briefed McMahon and not the other way around, but that Taylor had not suggested the witness should go to Cavan.“That is not correct,” McMahon said.McMahon said that he spoke to his editor, Kierans, and sought guidance about the allegation. The story was not pursued and McMahon did not go to Cavan. McMahon said he had not come forward earlier to the tribunal as he had not written any story about  McCabe, he was not negatively briefed and was not named by Taylor as a journalist who was negatively briefed.‘Whispering allegations’ TDs Mick Wallace and Clare Daly Source: Leah FarrellAlso today, Deputy Clare Daly told the tribunal that after McCabe told her about a meeting with Taylor, she and Mick Wallace TD went to meet with the superintendent.Daly said that prior to meeting with Taylor, she had been aware of “whispering allegations” about Maurice McCabe dating from around the time of a 2014 Paul Williams article about abuse allegations against an unnamed garda officer.When she and Wallace met Taylor, the former press officer told them his job was to “tip off” journalists that McCabe was driven by revenge. The TD  said her recollection was that Taylor talked a lot about phone text messages, and those text messages were part of a campaign to undermine McCabe.Daly said Taylor said his phones had been seized during a Garda investigation into media leaks and “bleached”.  She  said she was given the impression that if there was phone evidence “it had been well destroyed by now”.Daly said that she was not contacted by Taylor or anyone else to correct the public record when she spoke about text messages in the Dáil and in media interviews.In evidence at the tribunal earlier this year, Taylor said that the directions he was given to smear McCabe were verbal.“Dave Taylor was saying he had been given a job to feed the media and the evidence of that was to be destroyed,” Daly said.Daly said she had been dealing with McCabe since 2011 and they had been aware of efforts to undermine McCabe. What Taylor said about a campaign was not news, it was their “direct experience”, she added.Daly said that McCabe’s appearance as a serving garda before the Dáil Public Accounts Committee was “borderline revolutionary to be honest”.When then Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan told the Committee he found the behaviour of whistleblowers “disgusting”, he “had revealed his true colours”, Daly said.Retired detective superintendent John McCann said that he did not talk to his daughter, journalist Debbie McCann, about allegations against Sgt McCabe or any other matters he had learned in his work.“If I wanted to give my daughter a story, there are lots of stories I could give her, without passing on some rumour. But that’s not the way she and I worked,” McCann said. Jun 21st 2018, 3:34 PM No Comments Share47 Tweet Email Clare Daly tells Tribunal she was aware of ‘whispering allegations’ about Maurice McCabe Wallace said that he first met with McCabe around 2012, and had ongoing contacts since then. 20,760 Views Thursday 21 Jun 2018, 6:59 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

first_imgGreek gaming company Intralot has announced its plans to launch a multi-million dollar law suit against the Victorian government – with the Herald Sun reporting it could amount to $63 million – on the back of a 10 year licensing deal it signed in 2007. Intralot’s contract with the government gave it a licence to run scratchies and Keno in the state.Former Labor gaming Minister John Pandazopoulos, who oversaw the initial stages of the deal whilst in cabinet, told Neos Kosmos the decision to quit Victoria was due in part to the duopolised control by TAB Corp and the Tatts Group over the gaming industry.“I was gaming minister as part of national competition policy. Nationally there was a move to break monopolies and duopolies and create competition so the gambling sector had to be part of that.”“There’s no doubt they (Intralot), since entering the market, were fighting established names in the market like Tattersalls. They entered the market with a bloody nose and all the way through they’ve struggled, they haven’t necessarily been as aggressive as other gambling operators do to protect their interests, maybe because they entered the market with the Greek economic crisis, I’m sure it hasn’t helped them getting out there.”Pandazopoulos said the company had its “hands tied” because of a deal that gave Tatts Group power to implement “anti-competitive measures”, which meant Intralot had to sell its products on different counters in stores, leading to increasing costs – something not seen in other business sectors.“My view is that it is not the fault of government, my view is that it is the fault of the ACCC, which never ended up taking on the industries anti-competitive measures, they’re flexing a bit of muscle in the supermarket area but they didn’t do it in the gambling products area, and that’s been an unfair marketplace. “You go to any shop you can buy multiple products from the same counter, why can’t you buy multiple gambling products from the same counter? For me that’s anti-competitive.”Pandazopoulos said biases against the company because of its Greek roots may have driven people away.“It’s unfortunate from a Greek business point of view, but the reality is, like any other company, if they don’t see any growth in the area and their costs are too high, why stay in the game?”Intralot will still maintain a presence in Australia, with business agreements in Western Australia and other jurisdictions on foot. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

first_imgLa fonction plein écran sera améliorée dans Firefox 10Une future version de Firefox permettra de mettre en plein écran des éléments isolés de la page, comme des vidéos, au lieu de toute la fenêtre comme actuellement. Bien que Firefox 9 n’en soit qu’à sa première béta, la version 10 commence déjà à se dessiner. En plus du classique F11 pour passer en plein écran, les développeurs pourront ajouter un bouton aux éléments pour les étendre en plein écran. Pour l’instant il fallait passer par du code comme Flash pour obtenir ce résultat, mais le HTML 5 fait des miracles. Il serait par exemple possible de créer des diaporamas rien qu’en enchainant les éléments plein écran. À lire aussiFirefox junior: l’iPad accueille un nouveau navigateur Web.Les travaux sur le mode plein écran ont été initiés par l’équipe de WebKit, et Mozilla planche actuellement sur sa propre implémentation disponible au sein des versions Nighly de Firefox. Des protections empêcheront par contre un site de s’ouvrir en plein écran sans intervention de l’utilisateur, une bonne idée. Une page de démonstration est disponible.Le 17 novembre 2011 à 17:10 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

first_imgLet us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Goats Can Comprehend Human Expressions, Prefer Happy People’Happy Suit’ Could Help Astronauts Beat Space Blues Stay on targetcenter_img The first season of Happy! is over, and what a bonkers ride it’s been. It simultaneously feels like it just started and has been going on forever. They packed so much into eight episodes, I’m still not even sure I actually saw what just happened. The finale did not disappoint either. With fewer commercials, it packed a ton of laughs, brutal stylized violence and even a sweet redemption story into an hour that ended all too soon.For once, the show begins with some good news. Blue is in Meredith’s hands, and the kids are safe from Sunny Shine’s bug orgy. The only kid who isn’t safe is Hailey, who’s been taken by Very Bad Santa. But before Nick and Happy can track him down, they have to figure out where to look. Nick questions Blue, who’s just been satisfyingly tazed in the balls by Meredith. Fortunately, Happy has a clue. Remember the sock who complimented Happy on his bright shade of blue in group therapy? That was Santa’s imaginary friend. I gotta give it to the show, that was a well-placed clue. Happy excitedly tells Nick that he knows how to find Hailey, and that his plan involves torture. If I weren’t already giggling with glee, the Reservoir Dogs joke that follows would put me over the edge.Patton Oswalt, Luke Slattery (Photo via Syfy)The laughs don’t last long though, as the show quickly turns creepy. I mean, this episode creeped me out more than any other this season. That’s saying something, considering it features children dressed up like dolls and a bug orgy. Very Bad Santa takes Haley into a tunnel, singing the lyrics to “Toyland” the whole time. He sees a fantasy world filled with living toys, but there’s nothing there. He dances around Hailey, and the scene grows more unsettling by the second. It really takes a turn when he starts talking about imaginary friends. He references the sock puppet and how he lost it, but that’s OK because now he has new friends. They look like toys to Santa, but they’re real adult humans. With mental… issues. It’s only a few scenes later that we realize how they got that way. Very Bad Santa’s been lobotomizing them with a power drill, ensuring they mentally stay kids forever. As much as I love this show, I’m so happy we’ve reached the season finale. Seeing kids in these situations stresses me out so much. It’s a relief knowing they’ll be safe for a while at least.Bryce Lorenzo, Joseph D. Reitman (Photo via Syfy)Fortunately, Hailey is Nick Sax’s daughter. She smashes a snowglobe against his head and makes an escape. Nick himself is delayed by a few bear traps, but he sends Happy ahead to protect his daughter. Happy keeps him distracted long enough for her to get away, but as she heads to the roof, Very Bad Santa is close behind. It’s a strange tonal shift for this show. Happy! has been funny, disturbing and often both at the same time. This is the most tense and scary its ever been. Very Bad Santa is legitimately terrifying when he talks about “saving” Hailey from growing up. Fortunately, Nick has extricated himself from the bear traps and finds Hailey on the roof. There’s a great moment when they first come face to face. It’s dawning on Nick for the first time that he has a daughter. Sure, he’s known in his mind since episode one, but now he’s seen her. She’s real. The reunion is cut short by an attack from Very Bad Santa, and the ensuing fight scene is glorious. It’s filled with brutal hits and fantastic action lines. My favorite: “The only thing that can hurt me is magic.” “Hocus Pocus, motherfucker!” Even the imaginary friends get in on the action when Nick starts to have a heart attack. The friends give Hailey just enough time to give Nick his heart medicine and he finally puts a bullet between Santa’s eyes. (“There ain’t no fuckin’ Santa Claus.”) After a whole season of this guy terrorizing little kids, it was so satisfying to watch him bleed Christmas ornaments and hung on a string of lights.The season ends on a bittersweet note. After a brief fake-out where it looked like Nick might die (but come on, we know there’s going to be a season two), the final scenes focus on him being a dad. He technically died for eight minutes, which is apparently enough to get those password hunters off his back. I was a little disappointed that that was never brought up, but from the post credits scene, it looks like we’ll see more of that in season two. Blue got it from Mikey and now he’s “hungry.” Nick, for now, has a bigger challenge to face: relating to his daughter. She’s growing up, which means she has to say goodbye to Happy. It’s a sweet, sad moment, but fortunately he’s not going far. Imaginary friends help out the people who need them most. Right now, that’s Nick. He and Happy are still partners. Plus, it looks like Happy will be much more helpful now that he knows the what “liquid courage” means. And “booger sugar.”Ritchie Coster (Photo via Syfy)I’m so, well, happy that Happy! has been renewed for a second season. This strange, offensive psychedelic drug trip of a show quickly made Wednesdays one of my favorite nights of the week. Christopher Meloni is at his funniest when tough guy Nick is forced to engage with childish things. And since he’ll be trying to reconnect with his daughter, there’s probably a whole lot more of that to come. Patton Oswalt is also hilarious as Happy. His delivery is so good, even the most innocuous observations become hilarious. I do wish the password was explained a little bit, but I guess we needed somewhere to go for season two. Sunny Shines is still out there, and it’s not like the bug orgy has stopped. I just wanted some idea of whether or not there was a concrete connection between it and the demonic password. Just that little tiny bit of information would have had me begging for season two to start right now. As it is, I’m still excited for this show to come back… “soon.” Whatever that means. I’m just not begging to know what happens next. Hailey is safe, Nick and Happy will stay together, no matter how creepy it is for an adult to have an imaginary friend. That’s all I need for now. And maybe it’s a good thing that the show gave us a clean break between seasons. After all the insanity we just watched, we could use one.last_img read more

first_imgSevilla are currently in negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain over sealing a loan deal for their out-of-favour winger Julian DraxlerThe German arrived at PSG in January 2017 from Wolfsburg and has since won six major pieces of silverware.But regular opportunities is something that has not come about too often for Draxler, who has started just 31 of his 46 league games and has appeared as a substitute in PSG’s opening two matches of the new Ligue 1 campaign.Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…Due to this, Football-Espana reports that the 24-year-old has been told by PSG that he is free to move elsewhere this week should an appropriate offer come in.Now Sevilla are ready to make their move, although it is unclear whether they will be able to match Draxler’s high wages at PSG.The Germany international has scored 15 goals in 71 appearances for PSG and has a contract at the club until June 2021.last_img read more

first_imgManchester United boss Jose Mourinho admits they had a really difficult time in their 1-0 defeat to Juventus in the Champions League on Tuesday nightA Paulo Dybala goal was enough for Juventus to take home all three points from Old Trafford and extend their lead at the top of Group H to five points.Speaking afterwards, Mourinho conceded that their Italian opponents are “a team with huge quality” and that United were simply second-best.“In the other side, there was huge quality. Sometimes people look for [Cristiano] Ronaldo or Dybala but in a top team you have to look to [Giorgio] Chiellini and [Leonardo] Bonucci,” Mourinho told BT Sport.“I think Juventus is this type of team that when they are in front it’s very difficult.”harry maguire, manchester UnitedMaguire says United need to build on today’s win George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Harry Maguire wants his United teammates to build on the victory over Leicester City.During the summer, Harry Maguire was referred to as the ultimate…United managed just one shot compared to Juventus’ 10 and had only 30% of the ball possession throughout the match.“I think our attacking players, things were not coming. But everyone tried, everyone was strong mentally to try until the end,” added Mourinho.“Juventus felt it and they ended the game with an extra central defender to add to the amazing Chiellini and Bonucci. It was a really difficult match for us. I thought we could take something but it was not possible.”The Red Devils remain second in Group H, but have only tasted victory once in their last six games now.last_img read more

first_img Elizabeth Alvarez, June 13, 2018 Posted: June 13, 2018 Elizabeth Alvarez Cal Fire reminds public to prep homes for peak wildfire season 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsCal Fire firefighters have been very busy responding to several brush fires in the last few days and they say it’s just a sign of what’s to come.Captain Isaac Sanchez with Cal Fire says firefighters have been responding to several brush fires around the region and it isn’t even the peak of the fire summer season yet.“The June Gloom really wears off and we move on further into the summer will certainly see an increase in acreage as well as our fires,” Sanchez said. Categories: Good Morning San Diego, Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

first_img Load More Police first discovered the illegal gambling ring in early 2017 and had been tracking its activities since before arresting four suspects – named as Vo Van Nghia, Vo Van Hoa, Do Thi Tu Anh and Phan Thanh Hoang – for organizing gambling last week.Another four suspects had their houses searched and over VND300 million (US$13,000) in cash confiscated.The arrests come just a few months after Vietnam police cracked one of the biggest illegal gambling rings in Vietnamese history, having attracted bets totaling VND9.6 trillion (US$419.7 million) since launching in April 2015. The ring had been operated by two prominent Vietnamese tech businessmen and led to a number of high profile arrests including those of former director of the General Police Department under the Ministry of Public Security, Phan Van Vinh, and former director of the ministry’s cyber-crime division, Nguyen Thanh Hoa.Both are suspected of being involved with the gambling ring. Potential for sports betting in Japan Vietnam police have cracked a major online gambling ring which attracted bets of more than US$26 million from Vietnamese players.According to a report in VnExpress, a website named 12bet was at the center of the illegal ring offering sports betting, online casino games and lottery products. Tabcorp cleared as Australian Federal Police close investigation into Cambodia sports betting bribery claims RelatedPosts Indian court denies request to block all online gambling sites during cricket World Cuplast_img read more

first_img“We were approached with a turnkey platform that made sense for both our advertisers and our readers,” Essig continued. “It’s snag-proof—compatible with all mobile devices and carriers.”Readers will be able to photograph the ads from any cell phone that has a camera, without the need to download software, and will receive promotional messages from marketers in real-time. SnapTell receives the photographed images, matches them against its database, and replies with coupons, pricing information, ringtones, wallpaper or any other message designed by the marketer.Like many other magazines, Men’s Health saw declining ad revenues during the first quarter, down 5.6 percent over the same period in 2007, according to the latest Publishers Information Bureau numbers. Ad pages were down 11.3 percent. Meanwhile, online ad revenue for parent company Rodale’s magazine-branded sites rose 82.6 percent in 2007 compared to 2006.Although Men’s Health isn’t the first magazine to utilize SnapTell’s cell phone-scanable ads—the May issue of Rolling Stone has five—the number of interactive ads in the July/August issue opens up “a new frontier,” according to SnapTell CEO Gautam Bhargava.An Alternative to Barcodes?The image recognition technology is unique from earlier attempts to run interactive ads because it does not rely on barcodes. Billboard was the first magazine in the U.S. to run cell phone-readable barcodes in October, incorporating them into two Sprint ads. Wired ran a barcoded Sprint ad in December, the same month that Car and Driver published more than 400 barcodes in its annual Buyer’s Guide—though none were within ads. All three of these instances required readers to download software from barcode technology provider Scanbuy. The other difference appears to be that the barcodes link to Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) sites, whereas the image recognition-based advertising delivers individual messages or promotions. That message may include a link to a URL but will not automatically connect the user, which also means that users do not have to have a Web browser on their phone to view the messages.According to the New York Times, barcode usage is nearly ubiquitous in Japan, where McDonald’s customers can point their cell phones at a hamburger wrapper and get nutrition information on their screens. In Japan, the largest cell phone companies load barcode-reading software onto all new phones. Large advertising and technology companies like Hewlett-Packard are reportedly meeting next month with cell phone companies in the U.S. to advocate for the same capability.Barcodes are “a natural extension of print,” Magazine Publishers of America president Nina Link told the Times. “How many times have you engaged with a magazine and you’ve seen something and you’ve said, “Boy, I’d really like to remember to get that information.’ And you have to remember to write down the URL.” As more marketers cut their print advertising budgets in favor of the immediacy of the Web, magazine publishers are being forced to take bold steps to bridge the gap.The latest: Men’s Health, which announced this week that every ad in the magazine’s July/August issue will be cell phone readable. “Given the economic climate, it’s the right time to go the extra mile and explore partnerships such as this one that provide more measurable results for advertisers in addition to an immediate, direct conversation with our readers,” Jack Essig wrote in an email to FOLIO:. “It’s also a great marriage of what print can do for digital and vice versa.”The Rodale title is using image recognition-based technology from mobile marketing firm SnapTell to produce the issue.last_img read more

first_img “We couldn’t have Jon pet Ghost cuz we blew our CGI budget on the blood spraying out of Rheagal’s throat. And Starbucks.”— Tom Fornelli (@TomFornelli) May 7, 2019 If this week’s discussion over Jon saying goodbye to Ghost being scrapped for budgetary reasons teaches us anything about storytelling, it is this: Audiences prefer emotion to spectacle.Fans would trade several dragon scenes to have one tender, teary goodbye between them.— C. Robert Cargill (@Massawyrm) May 8, 2019 38 Photos The Stark family discovering six direwolves was one of the first scenes in the first episode of Game of Thrones. Each Stark child got one. Lady, Sansa Stark’s pet, was the first to die, at the order of Cersei in season 1. Robb Stark’s direwolf, Grey Wind, died during the Red Wedding. Both of these are among the saddest scenes in the show’s history. Rickon Stark’s Shaggydog survived until season 6 before being beheaded. Bran Stark’s direwolf, Summer, was killed by White Walkers later that season.  Ghost is no longer an onscreen character, but fret not. He’s happily living with Tormund now, creating a relationship that should absolutely be turned into a three-season spinoff show — perhaps called Tormund and The Hound. The only other living direwolf is Nymeria, who we briefly saw in season 7. Nymeria is Arya Stark’s direwolf, and as such is more into roaming about and doing her own thing than being anyone’s pet. If Jon and Ghost’s farewell wasn’t wholesome enough for you, just remember that Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, adopted her direwolf in real life. Yes, I agree, Sansa should sit on the Iron Throne.  Share your voice Now playing: Watch this: Tags Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4: The good, the bad… 36 of the best Game of Thrones fan theories 7:17 TV and Movies Atleast Ghost deserved a hug after all that he did for jon snow#GameOfThrones— ꧁Bhagirath꧂ (@I_am_bhagirath) May 6, 2019 17 Comments Ghost amid the wreckage. HBO Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers below. The Last of the Starks, episode 4 of Game of Thrones’ final season, has endured a fair amount of scandal. Spoilers from the episode leaked hours before it aired, and an anachronistic coffee cup was accidentally left in a shot of Winterfell’s medieval hall.But the most upsetting scandal of all occurred within the episode’s 78-minute runtime. Just before he departs for King’s Landing, Jon Snow asks Tormund Giantsbane if he’ll take Ghost, Jon’s direwolf, with him up north. Sweet Ghost will be happier up there, Jon reckons. Jon hugs Tormund goodbye. He hugs Samwell Tarly goodbye. Did Ghost get a hug? No. Jon just briefly gives him a solemn look before leaving. Just to recap, that dog has been Jon’s sidekick since season 1, and has stood by him through life and death. So fans were understandably confused and, frankly, riotous. But the episode’s director, David Nutter, has his reasons.”Since the direwolves are kind of CG creations, we felt it best to keep it as simple as possible,” Nutter told the Huffington Post. When the New York Times asked Nutter if it was a “CGI issue” that restricted the pat we all wanted to see, Nutter responded, “Very much so.” Having never tried to tame a wolf, film it, enlarge it in post-production and render it onscreen, I personally will reserve judgment. But many fans of the show didn’t find Nutter’s explanation sufficient. The direwolves being difficult to maneuver due to intense post-processing and CGI makes sense. It would explain Ghost’s absence in recent episodes, which is conspicuous enough that fans were relieved to see him in a few weeks back in episode 2, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Back in 2016, Miguel Sapochnik, director of the illustrious Battle of the Bastards episode, told Business Insider that Ghost was meant to be part of Jon’s clash with Ramsay Bolton. But in practice Ghost was “an incredibly time-consuming and expensive character to bring to life.” This rough cut of a deleted scene from season 6 gives an indication of how complicated the process can be: Game of Throneslast_img read more