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recently, Alibaba’s social App Exchange announced the name changed to bug, renamed after the new version of the focus will be 90, the main youth social.

Although the

network was renamed Ali with little bug, but little bug is visible when the website to access the official domain name change has not occurred, still with Larry domain


little bit three fight domain name registered in November last year, is now the holder of Ali, but so far failed to use the domain name to visit the official website. The and other related domain names have not been included in the protection of ali. The genuine domain name, but has not changed in the name of little worm on the occasion, the singing is what? It is Ali Virgo, to set all the related domain name after "hands-on" read more

JINGWAH times cartography Xie Yao

yesterday, Jingdong announced that the group will be set up at the Jingdong under two sub group, a subsidiary and a business department, namely: Jingdong, Jingdong mall group financial group, pat Network and overseas business department. Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong will serve as Jingdong group CEO.

financial services are valued

it is understood that Jingdong mall group will focus on Jingdong started the traditional B2C business. Jingdong and financial group will focus on the development of financial business, the Jing Bao Bei, Jingdong (IOUS beta stage), online banking wallet, small Treasuries and other business related financial services on the downstream products have been officially launched. Jingdong financial services has formed a supply chain finance, consumer finance, online banking online, platform business four plates. Just last week, Jingdong financial platform has a separate entrance on the mall’s official website home page, the navigation bar impose financial channel form. According to Liu Qiangdong’s plan, 10 years after the Jingdong’s 70% profit will come from financial services. In addition to the above two sub groups, pat Network is similar to the Jingdong to build Taobao’s C2C business platform, overseas business is intended to expand overseas business Jingdong. read more


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: CN to delete the domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

NetEase science and technology news June 5th news, after holding Tencent thigh, Jingdong in the mobile terminal shows the advantages of backwardness. Jingdong in the mobile client, WeChat and mobile phone QQ three mobile portal at the same time force, hoping to promote the use of the 618 time node in the mobile providers to achieve a breakthrough.

by the end of June 4th, WeChat shopping level entrance single day turnover compared to the previous my bank card under the two level entrance over 8 times; the Jingdong mobile client user activates the cumulative number compared with the same period last year increased by 4 times. read more

rival shares each other, we are staring at Tmall’s old rival Jingdong mall, but ignored the old rival Suning Gome online.

for the United States online, the history of the brand more loudly, more stores, more assets, like a sleeping lion. The lion is a lion, once wake up from sleep, or a ferocious lion. Today, the United States online action again and again. Is the August men’s day, but also the rabbit girl to send gold, which is to play what brand?

1, from the start of entertainment marketing, improve the United States online volume read more


technology news (Liang Chen) November 11th, Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Academy announced cooperation with the Jingdong R & D Jingdong version of Microsoft wheatgrass officially launched. Microsoft believes that innovation lies in the bottom of the electricity supplier data integration and artificial intelligence.

wheatgrass is Microsoft’s Bing search China team in May 30th released a smart chat robot.

It is reported that

, with the double 11 shopping Carnival business coming, Jingdong use the latest version of Android APP users, now has a 50% chance, can directly obtain the opportunity to activate the wheatgrass, in this year’s shopping links, the use of artificial intelligence with purchase. read more

yesterday, millet mobile phone 2 in Sina micro-blog began booking, officially on sale tomorrow. Insiders pointed out that the cooperation between Sina and millet, sina is more involved in the process of cooperation with Ali to improve bargaining chip. Where is the Sina mobile phone is intended to test the water and electricity providers started selling millet? Not to say the millet mobile phone in Sina micro-blog on sale for the first time to a few days, I can see the results today, I tell you why Sina and millet cooperation — test water and electricity industry read more

Korean homes have been the last 30 days of clothing returns

[TechWeb] reported on December 23rd news, according to media reports Tmall "double 11" sales of the top ten businesses in the rate of return of up to 64% a return rate of 64%, the starry CEO Zhao Yingguang responded that the return rate is high because the calculation method leads to abnormal data, the actual refund rate is far from the show is so high.

it is understood that the media quoted the return rate data from Tmall’s flagship DSP score in a recent 30 day refund rate data, calculation method of the data is the number to a refund within 30 days by the number of sales results. The media quoted as of 23 0:20 data, for the number of times more than 180 thousand times the return of the number of times. According to TechWeb before the query to the data, the refund rate of 60.15%, the total number of times 170102. Among them, the quality of the refund 2453 times, did not receive a refund of goods for the 9175 time, the Buyer no reason to refund the 91731. read more

from the group of 800 and a scouring network data show that as of the end of October 2011 nearly 1500 group purchase site closed site or exit the market turnover and group purchase, October Chinese group purchase market also fell 11%, the domestic group purchase website is experiencing winter. The group purchase website originator Groupon is also listed on the website of the group purchase failed to save the market confidence, over a period of time, Groupon has experienced a continuous fall in stock prices, even below the issue price of $20. And all the company’s group purchase website glutinous rice nets general manager Shen Boyang resorted to the day before the group purchase website "winter" rule, streamlined, and timely expansion. read more

"double eleven" in sight, that cut the hand of the party who are already in full, ready to order online and rub the palms. However, with the upgrading of online shopping in people’s lives, followed by online shopping scam has aroused concern.

online shopping 5800 yuan sports equipment has cheated "pull back a con within a con" of "the case"

Zhejiang, Zhuji, Mr. Qian is a travel enthusiast, especially love mountaineering. In order to prepare for the next climb, Mr. Qian ordered a set of sports equipment from the Internet, and paid about 5800 yuan of money. read more

Yu Wen is still

double 11, Ali has begun to double 12 plus firewood.

just past 11 is the second session of the second, it is necessary to see the fourth double 12, the former to fashion Tmall to sing the lead, the latter to universal Taobao for the stage. Different platforms, different positioning, aspirations and ambitions naturally there will be differences.

57 billion 100 million yuan, if the main purpose of double 11 this year is Ali listed by wind brush online shopping new record, then Taobao double 12 demands, can be understood as the release for Taobao in the future strategic direction of a flare. read more


last 2016, the electricity supplier carnival is still in progress. Lin Chiling PHILPS spokesperson, about the benefits the party also warmly invited everyone to join the "PHILPS display of large thin eye"! Start from zero today, PHILPS display the biggest surprise is the new C7 245C7QJSB wing friction display in fiber Bo Shoufa mall Jingdong.

the new listing, C7 wing wing 245C7QJSB display enabled the appointment of the sales model, to maximize the user’s first day of the first single experience, and a large wave of savings. According to the customer service staff said, twelve of the 30 minutes before midnight, the page flow of PHILPS display Jingdong mall flagship store suddenly began to surge, and was a blowout, more users began to frantically grab a single, C7 friction wing 245C7QJSB into the shopping cart in advance, for the twelve to open grab. Zero after sales are instantly broke out, especially before participating in pre-sales activities, users have to grab the payment, in order to remove the first time goods package! According to the brand side revealed that the C7 friction wing 245C7QJSB starting new hot, one hand the user is of great concern and enthusiasm for the C7 to 5.2 mm thin wing skin the other is the first limited number. As of now, the official said: the number of new emergency, the first time to feel its slim charm, need to speed up the time order of read more

first, to join the results of online advertising platform

a) media to join the advertising alliance

b) ASP audit media

c) advertisers registered ASP

d) advertisers submitted to the alliance to be released, and set the results of the monitoring tag

e) media application to release the advertiser’s ad


f) the application of the advertiser’s audit media.

g) media from the ASP site to get the original advertising, advertising began to release.

two, the operating results of online advertising read more

news May 20th, Zhenge fund Xu Xiaoping at the second session of the General Assembly on the China angels theme in addition to funds, angels can give entrepreneurs what? "The theme of his speech, Xu Xiaoping believes that the angels and young Chinese has inevitable connection." entrepreneurs Chinese wisdom is wisdom, entrepreneurs are strong, strong China. Entrepreneur progress China progress."

so, in addition to funding, angels can give entrepreneurs what?

1 angel investment and entrepreneurship enlightenment read more

when entrepreneurs with three Internet giants when the attention of classified information sweep away the millions of enemy troops, 58 city listed, attention to the travel search where listed, in line IPO and the network sale of color 500 lottery, attention to car information, car home……


website deus ex key where? Also focus on the vertical field of vice president of marketing Liu Hongjiao Comtech core city believes that their success lies in: first, choose a field of vertical segments, is the premise of this field is big enough to choose where to travel. Select Comtech core city in electronic manufacturing industry; second, the pattern of innovation in this segment, but this kind of innovation is the value chain reconstruction, where will disperse the airline and hotel information gathered together to compare prices, and Comtech core city will purchase information of small and medium-sized enterprises scattered together; third, a large number of users, the imagination big. read more

Google Adsense is currently the most personal delivery advertisement. But in recent years we found that several major portals, from sina to Sohu, and has been refused to put Google, Adsense network advertising. Or raise the threshold (such as the threshold of Hexun, hardly human can achieve, apparently to individuals through difficulties).

network bring more and more profit

apparently put Google Adsense in the major sites can only let Google become the biggest winner, and the portal did not get a good benefit! read more

for a new Taobao store, what is the most important? First, the most important thing is not for profit, not to make money and how will their goods sell out, can let more customers pay, this is the most important. A novice how to better sell their products out of the four rules for the novice to open Taobao shop how to better adjust the store must remember.

Article 1: store product adjustment

1, product title adjustment

Title Adjustment specific principles:

keyword must choose according to their actual situation of the product, do not blindly to choose a large amount of search keywords, suggest that we choose the current baby number is relatively small, the flow is also good; read more

Abstract: in the face of innovation and IPO, three new board listed quality companies, will make what kind of choice? "A variety of factors that together trigger at the end of last year a number of new three companies fought IPO selection." Beijing, an industry source pointed out. And at this time, the news about the new three board layered gradually more up.

three new board listed companies, especially in the traditional sense is expected to get more capital to operate the quality of the space business, in the face of innovation and IPO will make what choice? read more