This app tells you the best public places to practice sex in Spain

first_imgAlthough we have already entered 2020 and no website or application, no matter how strange, it should not surprise us, the truth is that there are still some that even blush … Sometimes the relationships do not work as well as they should and its protagonists look for different things to increase emotion, ideas such as maintaining relationships in public places. But where can you do it? An application tells you the most appropriate places. My Picaderos is a web app that locates “picaderos”With more than 10 years active, it has a large database15770 places to make love outside the privacy of home Couple sitting in the field. Image: iStockcenter_img Yes, My Picaderos, as its name suggests, is a web app that tells us the most appropriate places in Spain to have sex outside the privacy of the home or a room. This website locates the most famous “riding schools” of each place, many of which are known by all the inhabitants of the locality, and some a little more hidden.More than 15770 places to make loveAnd it is that while having sex in a car or in the field seems something typical of American slasher films, the truth is that there are not a few couples who, for different reasons, decide to opt for this option. Young people who start a relationship and do not have their own home, couples who want to give a twist to their relationships, etc. The most curious thing is that the Mis Picaderos web app has been online for no less than 10 years, so its online database of riding schools is long and extensive. Users write recommendations and talk about safe places to maintain relationships, indicating their location on a map. In this way we can see that in Madrid center there are 239 riding schools, ranging from the hedges of a park to a hole hidden in some stairs. Móstoles has 23 riding schools, Alcorcón 17, Leganés 53, Alcobendas 14 … And so with all the cities and neighborhoods of Spain. As the application explains, they already have “15770 places to make love”.last_img read more

The Lugo de Curro Torres improves its image but not the score

first_imgSix are the matches that Curro Torres counts as Lugo coach. In those six games, Lugo has added only four points of 18 possible, distributed in a victory against Albacete, a draw against Elche and four defeats against Extremadura, Huesca, Rayo and Almería. In the discharge of Mr. Albivermello, it should be noted that of those four defeats, three were against rivals in the upper area and one, the Estremadura, surrounded by controversy over the performance of the VAR.Now him Lugo faces a very complicated displacement as is the next day before the Fuenlabrada, team to which however the lucenses already won in the first leg. However, the need to add three by three is increasingly urgent since the days continue happening without the team leaving the well. The days pass and the CD Lugo still unfinished. Since Curro Torres replaced at the beginning of the year Eloy Jimenez in the albivermello bench, the rojiblancos have significantly improved their image, showing themselves as a more combinative team but, above all, more offensive and brave. However, the improvement in the staging has not been matched with an improvement in the points, and Lugo continues in the lower part of the table, in descent positions.last_img read more

Cornellà picks up the glove

first_imgThe classification does not deceive and Espanyol continues, one more day, in the queue. But the parakeet has not only cut one point to permanence, which is two, but has been paired with Mallorca and Leganés. And above all, he got Sunday much more than his first victory in LaLiga 2019-20 (that is, in February) in Cornellà-El Prat.Espanyol did not win at home since the unstoppable euphoria of May 18 against the Royal Society, the day of the European classification, and five weeks before, for example, that Mallorca itself, victim of this victorious premiere, sealed its rise to Primera. In fact, the parakeet set remains in history for having materialized its worst start at home of all time (He came to chain up to six defeats in his first days at Cornellà) and also his worst run at home anytime of the season, by exceeding in one the ten games without winning in the 1988-89 season (which ended with a decline). But at the same time, the victory against Mallorca allows to turn the streak of a Espanyol that right now chains four league games in Cornellà without losing: 2-2 against Betis and Barcelona, ​​1-1 against Athletic Club and 1-0 against Mallorca. And that You should focus your goal of staying in your home, where your other two direct rivals will also pass, Leganés and Celta (this, in a last day that can be a heart attack), in addition to Atlético de Madrid, Alavés, Levante, Real Madrid and Eibar, which now stands at six points.Chance or not, this losing streak in Cornellà coincides with the moment the club has approached the fans, which has quickly picked up the glove for a common good. The 32,084 spectators who gathered on Sunday at Espanyol-Mallorca constitute not only the second best entry of the season, after 33,562 of the derby on January 4, but the record of influx in any league game that did not have as a rival to the so-called greats (Real Madrid, Atlético or Barcelona), surpassing the 30,029 that congregated against Valencia at the dawn of the stadium, in the 2009-10 academic year. The struggle of Espanyol has only just begun.last_img read more

Almeria divides its fans with a controversial video

first_imgSince the beginning of August the sale of the UD Almería took place, it has gone from going almost unnoticed to generate controversy in the networks with the ideas of Turki Al-Sheikh: the most popular, the question of changing the shield and the kits . Now the Saudi sheikh wants fans to sing a song that has come to light on Twitter before games. A song that has divided the rojiblancos followers, since some denounce elements that are not characteristic of the province, as well as that the owner himself appears in the lyrics.In the video, whose title is ‘Leones de Almería we will win’, you can see images of the two promotions to First Division that the UDA has starred (2007 and 2013), both of the players of those two templates and of fans cheering or celebrating. All with the figure of the lion by flag, a Rozam that is the new pet since the arrival of the new property. What he has not finished liking among the red and white fans is the lyrics. While Some followers find it catchy, others have complained arguing that symbols appear that are not typical of the province of Almeria, in the case of the lion itself. The last ones also argue that Turki’s name appears in the song’s lyrics..The video will be screened on the video markers of the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games before the start of each match with the intention that the local fans sing the new lyrics to cheer on their team. If you have felt the first sensations in social networks, it will be tomorrow in the match against Fuenlabrada (4:00 p.m.) when it is really verified if the letter has been successful or falls into oblivion Like so many previous ones.last_img read more

War economy in soccer

first_imgThe income that is really on the wire is the fourth and last, the summer, which is usually the most generous (about € 550M) since it is when the impact adjustment linked to the end of the course is made. A reality that also affects the LaLiga president’s fees. Thebes charges, by approval of the clubs in 2018, 1.2 million net plus 250,000 euros for variables that, to a large extent, depend on audiovisual marketing that is now not insured and that no policy allowed to bind since it was a pandemic.Every president already knows what his losses will be apart from TV, whether the League resumes or not (41 million, among the 42 clubs, for ticket offices and 88 for season tickets). Those with the most diversified income (the big ones) are the ones who will suffer the most having good merchandising and box office income. Others, with an audiovisual dependency of 70% in the budget, will suffer less if it is played. What the clubs agree on is that they already take it for granted that, in the best of scenarios, it will be played again on May 14 and that it will be necessary to compete after June 30. The presidents have internalized that there will be a League in the summer and that the next campaigns will be modified, being able to play, as they applaud, at Christmas. What they carry the worst is that the virus has reminded them that football, being important, is not essential and we have to wait.From 840 million from 13-14 to 2,111 now?Television rights have been key in the club economy in the past decade. Joint marketing has given Spanish football the opportunity to grow, clean up, stop owing the Treasury and invest in infrastructure. However, the fact of having based the budgets on that item makes now more than one tremble. When Thebes came to LaLiga, the clubs 840 million entered (580 for the national sale and 260 for the international one). That amount has always grown since then: 860 in 2014-15, 1,272 in 15-16, 1,624 in the following years until 1,849 in 2019 with all the final readjustments. With the latest official data (see attached table), the ceiling had not yet been reached. This season about 1,915 million will be entered if everything is played, but the most optimistic forecasts of months ago pointed to 2,111. Each club contributes 3.5% to the Compensation Fund for those descended to Second and 2nd B. Javier Tebas will be seen today by videoconference with the First and Second clubs, separately, within one of the hottest Division Boards of which he will direct in his seven years in office. The stakes are high. LaLiga will discuss with them the economic crisis that is plaguing Spanish football as a result of the coronavirus crisis and which, for the moment, has already given rise to the fact that four professional clubs (Barça, Atlético, Espanyol and Alavés) have requested an ERTE since several more, five according to AFE, double according to the employers, are about to cling to them to offset losses that could reach 678 million. The meeting will try to establish a common strategy regarding temporary layoffs and salary readjustments (payrolls represent 50% of budgets), with proposals even retroactive. Returning to work and rearranging the calendar, being important, are now secondary issues.The panic in the clubs is enormous to the point that, in part, many efforts have been stopped until they have an exact photograph of the crisis so as not to enlarge the hole that is causing inactivity in budget items that, according to specialized portals in the industry of sport like Palco23, it represents 51% of the income. They expect gestures from footballers who, until now, and unlike other countries, have not arrived or are delaying. For this reason, LaLiga, as if it were a bank, has entered each club, in advance, the third payment of television income corresponding to the 2019-20 season. Almost 500 million of the 1,915 that he hopes to distribute between now and the end of the season if the remaining 11 games are played and it is not necessary to renegotiate the more than one hundred audiovisual contracts that it has signed by the world.Despite the aid, many entities (especially Second) have self-imposed containment since that payment (57% is for national rights and 43% for international rights) it is due to future benefits not yet generated and they fear that, although it is unlikely, they will have to be returned or converted into a check for another concept if the competition is not ended.last_img read more

Jackson Martínez meditates hanging his boots at the end of the season

first_imgJackson was the great signing of Atlético in the summer of 2015, for just over 37 million euros. But he never adapted to the rojiblanco style and problems with injuries ended up pushing him away. In February 2016, he was packing again for China. He joined the ranks of the Guangzhou Evergrande but there he could not be the shadow of the lethal striker he became, again afflicted by physical problems. Jackson Martínez meditates on ending his sports career. The 33-year-old Colombian striker is currently active in Portuguese Portimonense, where he had regained feelings last season. In recent times, ankle problems have been chasing him. It happened to him at Atlético and later in China, where he could not exhibit his Porto level either due to joint problems. Portimonense returned him to Europe and in Portugal, last season, he once again felt like a footballer and useful for a modest team. He finished as the top scorer of the set with nine goals in 28 games, but until the emergence of the coronavirus, his feelings were not those of last season. “I have to think about my health. I cannot be wrong. I know that I am not one hundred percent to give what I would like. I will think about everything until the end of the season,” he explained a few days ago in an interview on Sport TV. From Portugal. Now it is O Jogo who gives more details of his future. According to the Portuguese newspaper, the striker would be seriously considering the possibility of leaving football at the end of the current season, already having on the table the option of going to work for Portimonense in some way.Jackson feels that he is not physically at his best again and that this would be influencing his records. He had only scored three goals in 18 games until the break. According to O Jogo, the striker and his family have adapted very well to their life in the Algarve, very integrated, and that is why it would be appreciated to maintain their residence there.last_img read more

An eternal goal: the header of the promotion turns three years old

first_img“Surely what we’ll see there in social networks and it will fill me with joy and pride, but it is not a reason to have a party. Must be proud to be a great year the one we did, the one we did enjoy our people and we were able to return Levante to where it deserves in a spectacular year. We have to be proud for a year thate was fantastic“he stated.Alberto Iranzo & nbsp; (DIARIO AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>FOOTBALL 16/17 Postigo, just after connecting the header of the victory against Real Oviedo.Alberto Iranzo (DIARIO AS) Sergio Postigo will never forget the April 29, 2017. Three years ago the Levante central materialized the dream goal by all the Levantists that course: the promotion to First Division. “Personally that moment this above all. It will be a very nice memory that i will keep all life And I think it will be difficult for some moment on a personal level to overcome it. Although then at a group level we have had many moments of satisfaction, such as staying in Girona. But that day was special for me “ remembered the player a few days ago in a virtual meeting with the press. After 42 days, those of Orriols fgiant numbers, rising with the title with a balance of 84 points spread over 25 wins, 9 draws and 8 losses. A real roller from the hand of Juan Ramón López Muñiz. Few joys in football are comparable to a promotion, a source of new hope for the club and fans.Shutter, which has contract until 2021 plus an optional year, with 10 million euro clause, and is one of the captains of the first team, with whom the club negotiated the agreement of the salary cut of the first squad, he would end his contract with Levante, initially, at 33 years old. However, their link with the club Orriols will be eternal. It will always be man of the rise.center_img Minute 55 of the meeting, Valencia city, day 36 of Second before the Real oviedo, with six days to go until the end of the competition, the player from Madrid entered the Big door in the granota history, getting the looser ascent of the history of the Orriols group. In just one season, the Lift back to the elite of Spanish football in stylelast_img read more

Casillas answers Piqué for his memory of 2-6

first_imgOn May 2, 2009, Guardiola’s Barcelona took the Bernabéu with an overwhelming victory in the League. A 2-6 in which Piqué participated with one of the goals and today he has underlined it in the networks. The Barcelona central has posted a message on Twitter with the message “11 years!” to commemorate and celebrate the anniversary of that victory. In addition, he has added the video in which the defender marks the final 2-6. Casillas has picked up the gauntlet and, through the same social network, has answered the defender with an “11 + 2 = 13” in reference to the number of Champions that Real Madrid has in its showcases. No one has added more than the white team. Casillas, in particular, has won three with Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Piqué has four, three with Barcelona and one with Manchester United. That triumph of Barcelona in the league in 2009 raised blisters at the White House and Piqué wanted to rescue that moment. In addition to him, they scored Henry (2), Puyol and Messi (2) by Barcelona. Real Madrid managed to score two goals through Higuaín and Sergio Ramos. Guardiola’s Barcelona won and in the end took the League with a total of 87 points.last_img read more

Pjanic, from desired by Zidane to say ‘yes’ to Barcelona

first_imgMiralem Pjanic, 30 years previous, has change into one of many nice protagonists of the switch market with out having completed the season or opening the interval for hiring. The stoppage in world soccer due to the coronavirus has postponed that many footballers postpone choices about their future, together with the midfielder of the Juventus. La Gazzetta dello Sport has revealed this Friday that “Pjanic has stated sure” and that “there’s an settlement with Barça”. The operation would take the participant to Barcelona and a midfielder culé to Turin. The azulgrana provide Arturo Vidal or Rakitic earlier than together with Arthur, who has expressed his need to proceed at Barça. Pjanic, for his half, appears prepared to change Turin for Barcelona. If this signing is confirmed, the paradox of soccer could also be such that the Bosnian has gone from being a desired participant by Actual Madrid to having the ability to put on the Barça colours. Whites’ curiosity dates again to the summer season of 2018 when Tuttosport revealed on its cowl that Juventus rejected a suggestion of 60 million euros from Actual Madrid by the midfielder, an quantity by which his departure would now be encrypted, in accordance to what he may know ACE. Madrid’s curiosity was reactivated in March 2019 with the return of Zinedine Zidane to the Bernabéu bench and be Pjanic a participant of Marseille’s style. To this we should add the phrases of Mehdi Benatia in April: “Actual Madrid tried to signal Pjanic”.Pjanic has a contract with Juventus till June 2023. As a bianconero he has performed 167 video games unfold over 4 seasons by which he has scored 22 targets and has distributed 36 assists. The midfielder is valued at 52 million euros by the specialised portal Transfermarkt.last_img read more

Fraser-Pryce thrilled about Waterhouse Christmas treat

first_imgChristmas this year promises to be brighter for hundreds of children in the inner-city community of Waterhouse as Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s annual Christmas treat promises to be bigger and better than in previous years. The treat, set for Boxing Day, will have all the usual fun rides and giveaways, but according to the multiple World and Olympic champion, there will be a lot more toys for the kids this time around. “For them, as long as you have sugar, lime and water and a little music, they’re good with that,” she joked, “but I think they are more excited about the toys and gifts. SPONSORS AND DONATIONS “This year, Nike, my sponsor, donated a lot of stuff, including bags and T-shirts with my name on them, bottles, stuff for them to go back to school, but Tank-Weld donated over 500 gifts.” What this means for the 2015 World champion is that she will be able to provide most, if not all the children who turn up, with a gift this Christmas. “Each year, I say 300 kids. but it’s closer to 600 because all different areas within the community. And this year, I think I will be able to facilitate all of them, so I am really excited that Tank-Weld provided a lot of additional toys. Her other sponsors, Digicel and GraceKennedy, she said, are also on board. “Amazingly, this is our eighth year, and I’m really excited that our sponsors are able to share Christmas with the kids in the community,” she said. She added that to be able to do this for the community where she was raised means a lot to her. “Growing up in the community for me was okay, but I am glad that I now have the opportunity to give them a good Christmas,” she said. “For me, it’s just the joy to see the smile on their faces, just to see them enjoying it; that’s the purest form of joy we can see.”last_img read more