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no matter what the shop to do, we must first consider the cost of the problem. How much money is enough to open a noodle shop? Maybe this is a question that puzzles many people? Today, across the hall investment cost analysis, let’s take a look at the noodle shop cost accounting contains expenses which aspects of the


1. transfer fee:

as the store where the district and the local consumption level, generally thousands to a few million dollars. In general, the cost to do not want to go out when it will not lose, but the first time you pay attention to the store opened the store area is suspected of demolition. read more

in the face of natural disasters, human life is extremely fragile. This time, under heavy rainfall, a lot of places where the flood situation, not only directly lead to economic damage in these areas, but also lead to casualties. Reporter yesterday from the Anhui provincial Civil Affairs Department was informed that, as of 21, the death tolls of up to 32 people, another 2 people are still missing.

according to reports, heavy rainfall since June 18th, Hefei, Huainan, has caused Chuzhou, Lu’an, Ma’anshan, Wuhu, Xuancheng, Tongling, Chizhou, Anqing, Huangshan City 11 city 69 counties (cities, districts) affected to varying degrees. read more

many female friends want to set up their own business, then, how to start a business? Do you have any good suggestions? Today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a number of projects suitable for women entrepreneurs, I hope to be able to help women entrepreneurs want to help.

women how to start? Nail beauty

General after formal training, only half a month’s time to master this technology, tuition is only 2000 yuan. You are ready to 2-3 million in start-up capital plus, including a dry hand care, nail sticker, color ink-jet printing, hand-painted patterns and other business projects Manicure center will be able to successfully build up. 1) the initial one-time investment of equipment (phototherapy machine, drying machine, hand basin, etc.) about 1200 yuan; 2) monthly expenses: 1000 yuan Manicure materials; 3) rent: several thousand yuan to 10000 yuan; 4): according to the general performance of flexible artificial percentage; 5) monthly income: Net income. Million yuan. read more

entrepreneurs want to find a good summer investment projects, or very easy. First entrepreneurs should go to the market to see what the consumer needs of the product in the summer. In the summer, cold drinks are indispensable to you. An automatic coffee machine, is your business investment projects, create wealth for you.

What are the advantages of read more

In the

network business has now become a very popular trend, but only to master the correct method of business to be successful, so, what are we to segment about online business venture advantage!

online investment advantages:

One advantage:

free time

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in fact, we all know that as long as the audience favorite products, is always a choice for the development of the market space. How about Govany’s ice painting? Not only has a very high popularity, but also very popular by consumers love the brand to join the project. So, what are you waiting for?

now, advertising gifts, wedding decoration, Home Furnishing need ice painting products, it has a high profit into these industries, because this is a creative industry, creative products attracted the attention of the world, forming a huge wave of economy. Visible, ice crystal market prospects are very impressive, very attractive sunrise industry, it is absolutely hot investment equipment. I do not want to know what to sell a good shop to join forces to choose a strong business is also a favorable guarantee for the success of the shop. With its outstanding economic and social benefits, broad market prospects and good market returns as "reputation and credibility Shuangyou enterprises", "2010 market potential gold project", "Golden Bridge Award for outstanding science and technology project" the honorary title. read more

the same product, the same appearance, the price is very different, why? What are the marketing tips? Make a simple example, how to sell an ordinary cup to 2000 yuan? Don’t be surprised, it’s true.

1, the use of the value of the product itself, can only sell 3 yuan /

if you will just be a regular cup, placed in the general store, with ordinary sales methods, perhaps it can only sell 3 yuan of money, may also encounter a shop next door to the boss cut strokes off the dark strokes, this is not a tragic ending value innovation. read more

with the development of economy, people’s pace of life faster and faster, more and more convenience stores, fully meet the needs of people’s lives. But a convenience store is a kind of strategy, only operating properly, in order to ensure that the business is booming. So, open a convenience store which management skills? The following small series to help you analyze.

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every day to eat a variety of fine food, although it is delicious, but not feeling more and more bad intestines? Physical quality is getting worse? Therefore, the opening of a mill rice shop, in fact, there are a lot of profit and sales. Now many people eat rice, want to eat a little more healthy whole grains, now rice mill stores just to adapt to market demand, has great market prospects.

a, market prospects

modern society has entered the information age, people’s consumption concept from the past "full of survival" to "eat for health" intellectual development, food consumption concept has also undergone a qualitative change. Instant rice field processing sales, will set off a consumption binge in China earth, people to family health, the inevitable choice of healthy nutrition assured rice. Therefore, the opening of the mill is now really adapt to the development of rice. read more

a lot of people are still entangled in Entrepreneurship in the end what kind of business today, the whole network Xiaobian to take a look at the country business idea. The cost is not what entrepreneurship is no problem, in fact, entrepreneurs have a rich and colorful form, as long as you are willing to make efforts, according to the local actual situation, timely find the market demand, within the limits of their own like Cye can find business opportunities, out of the offbeat way of making money. read more

is now the investment market, environmental protection project is an emerging market, a market full of Chaoyang, a hidden wealth market, 2012, what are the most promising environmental protection projects, see network Xiaobian bring you the 2012 the most promising market environmental protection projects list.

NO.1 Huaneng holy building materials

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has solved the problem of food and clothing for our generation, even now is still our favorite. Choose to open a steamed stuffed bun shop may also be a good choice. So steamed stuffed bun store brand to join the brand what brand is better? Xiao Bian recommended for you to eat excellent steamed stuffed bun franchise stores.

excellent food catering of researchers based on the ancient secret recipe, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, the nutmeg, ginger and other 24 kinds of spices, carefully modulated, made of a variety of spices, marinade, soup, the use of these gifts of nature to bring a tongue on the miracle tour to the people. So excellent food steamed stuffed bun to join the chain how to join it? read more

textile industry can be said now in the society is a hot industry, at the same time, now we live around there are many different textile products shop, and investment in textile store, to master a correct product display mode is very important.

A, understand the plan to develop the company’s annual market

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in the store operation process, it is what kind of things can happen, embarrassment is a lot more, if it happens that, it has a very negative impact on the operation of shops will. Yesterday evening nine o’clock, I was cleaning the store sanitation, to close when, in three customers, the average age of fifty.

two of them are my gold customers, and the other is a new customer. Gold customers in the name of Liang Liang to buy a box of pure milk, payment, the new customer suddenly said: this kind of milk big supermarket to sell thirty-seven boxes, and the happiness of the supermarket is only $twenty-seven. The day before yesterday, I called her and bought two boxes, drink good." read more

a person’s state of mind, in fact, the development of its business has a different influence. For this reason, if you want to succeed in business, nature also need to maintain a good attitude. So, the online business to maintain good mentality?

Internet is a huge cake, fattened countless entrepreneurs, but also attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs. There are many online entrepreneurs can do things at the same time, can do more, and most of all, whether in prosperity or adversity, entrepreneurs should maintain a good attitude. What specific mentality we need to focus on? read more

now a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, but it is difficult to really let entrepreneurs assured project. Want to invest in a shop, you must find the gold suction project. Recently, many friends are asking, what kind of shop to make money? Today Xiaobian recommend to you a suction gold project, allowing you to easily shop to make money.

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in the process of economic development, the establishment of venture capital in Xiamen, Xiamen’s economic development has made indelible effect, its achievements are also very significant. Held in Beijing "2016 days before the Sixteenth Annual Conference of the investment community China equity annual forum, 2016 China equity annual ranking list announced, Xiamen Golden Circle Investment Group under the Xiamen City Investment Company Limited for the 2016 Chinese private equity investment institutions LP (" Limited Partners "acronym, meaning a limited partner 20). read more

with the increasing pressure of our lives, our demand for their own entertainment is also increasing. So, how to join the billiards club? Very high quality projects, the success of entrepreneurship is also very worthy of trust!

billiards as one of the ways of entertainment, get a lot of people’s favor and love. Small table tennis, bring infinite pleasure. Choose billiards club chain, save more intermediate links, to their own business to bring more useful new choice, choose such projects need to pay attention to what?. read more

bakery franchise location how to get it? Many newcomers are not familiar with the location of the site, Xiaobian compiled some experience, I hope to help you. Shop location on the need to investigate the surrounding environment, comprehensive factors to analyze the pros and cons of the site, the following tips to share, purely reference recommendations.

skills a: see people flow. The final decision on the flow of store revenue. The real support shops are fixed flow, followed by the flow of people, passenger flow (bus, subway station). read more

Hot pot as the Chinese nation classic snack brand, not only brought the delicious tongue for people, also brought rich opportunities for many franchisees, a lot of people who want to start a business, want to open a Hot pot stores, but do not know how. Worried about the risk, coupled with no previous experience, we are hesitant. The following details to introduce you, hot pot join? With the improvement of the situation of the development of />

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