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Ali mother issued 20 a scorpion promotion plan:
1. event details: any member of Ali mother can participate in the activities recommended
2. each recommended an effective website registration and Ali mother advertising, you can get 20 yuan reward
4. to a fair and effective recommendation shall be registered on behalf of others or registered
5. if multiple users recommend a website at the same time, the website advertising to determine the activation time, activation to obtain first prize.


You go to apply for
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may be when friends see the title will think that since it is a business, must have their own business development direction and goals. How blind development. Actually otherwise. In modern times, especially in the era of e-commerce, many people set up a small company, there have been a lot of people one by one down, why? The reason is very simple, the development goals are not clear, the decision scheme is not correct.

some people say: for the first time to do things right, every time to do a good job. This is the truth. As the development of an enterprise, it is important to do the right thing in every major decision. If the first time to do things right, every time to do a good job, I think a business will continue to adapt to the development of the market more and more large-scale development. However, many companies have made mistakes in the first decision. After the establishment of the company, the first thing after the completion of the company is a small series that should be an enterprise development goals and a clear development ideas. read more

Wangzhuan: Gu’s name is on the Internet to make money, and now the rapid development of the Internet, this treasure but a lot of people in competition with each other. Of course, the Internet is happy for some people, for some people is sad. Because he gave some wealth, but also brought some people a better life, so how to use, how to treat the person is.

remember artikujt just contact Wangzhuan is in 08 years, it is not afraid to laugh, from 08 -09 years two years so there is no reason to make money, which will be described below; in 2010 this year, finally back home, while working thinking can not please eat a bowl of rice on the Internet. The work is simple work (primary school teacher; so hehe) have some time to study how to make money online online, money online, really difficult? The Internet to find information, read before their sad Wangzhuan experience of data collection, summary, method, and ultimately determine a way, optimize the site with SEO however, the content of the website is the website promotion products, with product, so there should be some utility. The facts are correct, although earn very little, but it has earned a pot of gold from the internet. Here is a screenshot of the income of these few months, very few webmaster friends to encourage a lot of it, so there is power. read more

with the addition of employees and dealers forces, "NVC infighting seems to have signs of easing. NVC founder, former chairman Wu Changjiang and investor Saifu Asia founding partner, NVC chairman Yan fight than before the less of gunpowder.

however, the Wu, Yan duo caused internal events of NVC, after Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong Mall (micro-blog) boost, Chinese venture capital industry has evolved into a landmark event, the contradiction between entrepreneurs and investors of the white in the world. Under such a background, how to deal with the capital and how to deal with the relationship between the capital and the capital has become a major issue for entrepreneurs. read more

Because the

server problem No. 12.27 easy advertising alliance, which led to window and click on membership site data loss, this alliance to the webmaster expressed deep regret, and the 20% day data for stationmaster, the inconvenience caused to you, please forgive me.

union URL:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information:

would like to join the Admin5 channel, please contact QQ:285445 read more

in fact, many methods and ideas are very simple, but 90% of people do not know, I believe many of my friends have done CPA, the general category of friends. But many friends do CPA effect is not good, maybe one day slaving away, will then earn 20 dollars, and some may even have earned less than 20. So, today we bring you a new idea of CPA, let the people willing to act, can earn 100 days to explain below.

let’s take a look at our question: what is the biggest difficulty in doing CPA?

first, the first problem, CPA promotion is not easy. If you are a post to promote CPA, 1000 people see your advertising posts (in fact, the 1000 people see very good). Up to only 100-200 people will go to your promotion link. read more

every day there are a lot of friends to ask me how to make money through the network, but the problem is too big for me, different people, different abilities, different resources, the use of the network to make money naturally different. Here to share some experience, I hope to help some of my friends to take some detours, find their own use of the network to make money in the direction of.

the following ways to make money is very difficult to earn money:

1, the development of offline: this kind of website pattern similar to pyramid schemes, said on the website is after you become a member, according to their model, after a few months you will become a millionaire, and not what is the difference between these schemes, these are a waste of time. read more

If you need to find the right premise of advertising to make your website profit estimates you see will be of great help to this is a very powerful webmaster choice alliance experiences both good and bad good bad selection we also have a number of our hearts

reads as follows:

: I have an account, Jinshan Union have done a few days.

Jinshan is a very good union, now the promotion of products is also more and more.

the following general 10WIP station, it is difficult to expect Baidu will be divided into bidding for you. It is just a fart! And if you let them search code, will be the first time you are found by the K station, the chance is very large for his newly opened! To promote the theme, I have not done, dare not to express any opinion.

it is a plugin… Now. Do stand, content is more and more important, this plugin of garbage, which hopes to stand and the owners are willing to earn money?

I to now also doing is very suitable for the alliance entertainment website I feel, even N times a day for thousands of entertainment websites a day at least to have registered amount of about 10 a 13 dollars a month can be so down at least 3000 yuan income can also click to this is the entertainment site advantage and the advertising code is very attractive, I would like to recommend to you on this domain the union station is also very good ( do not know how much money is like Kazakhstan back beside the point

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now find a good point of the virtual host is really not easy, the recent study of the discuz forum system based on the free program, I feel very good.

1, free unlimited space

2, free use of two domain name, you can also bind their own top-level domain name

3, can be modified to add advertising code

is said to be flexible, because the 5d6d program provided by Discuz is closing the advertising settings. However, we use a little bit of skill, or can put ads in the forum.

go to apply for a 5d6d free space and two level domain name, do not spend a penny can also open a website, Why not??
in free space, free forum system: 
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when Baidu to have a link to erase most of the Amoy, Amoy webmaster to sit still, have been bad mouthing, the mood is understandable, but the feelings for the future is qualitative, arbitrary.

some people say that now should look back, do SP, advertising alliance, do download, do image stand, want to do before the GG advertising alliance, there are days into the $500 legend, why the recent Baidu gas. But in fact, everyone knows that, and a year less than in the past, like a year. In either mode, it is a kind of mode that is collected with the keyword search engine optimization, cheat, cheat users, " " live today days, but may be hard busy for a whole year, 8 o’clock this morning Baidu put you k light. Because you can not escape the fate of ovine " ". Well, now they repeat the Amoy family of old days, like ants, and kept in the collection, stop SEO, stop by K. The SEO of deification to heaven, you have to be honest. Please do not be obsessed with SEOER brother, brother is only a legend! So now Taobao guest specific is how? read more

      Beijing on June 21st news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft’s chief strategy officer Youssef · advertising; Mehdi (Yusuf Mehdi) recently said that the company will launch the network advertisers one-stop shop service. Industry sources said the move is intended to shorten the gap between Microsoft and Google in the online advertising market.

Microsoft said last month, will be about $6 billion price of the acquisition of online advertising company aQuantive, the purpose is to catch up with Google in the online advertising market. This week, YAHOO announced that it has appointed the company’s co-founder, long-term board member Yang Zhiyuan for the new CEO, replacing the former CEO · (Terry Semel). Analysts said Semel’s resignation, the show that investors are being taken away by Google YAHOO market share dissatisfied. read more

Google has been doing Adsense, Google can be considered a hobby, but did not expect such a presence of advertising. Comparative anger!

from: Google Picasa Chinese website

business for each and every one is a very difficult transformation, in the modern society, the development of economy and the thought gradually open to let everyone have entrepreneurial opportunities on the market, and now many, through entrepreneurship to practice their ideal of life has become a modern choice of many people. But the road is not smooth sailing, a person’s growth and development will inevitably undergo several hardships, to achieve a different realm.

entrepreneurship at the beginning of the output concept – achievement of their own read more

do G G, do not greedy, monthly income, low two hundred.

cross point, clear record, for I P, no harm.

multi turn, stop, open, close.

click rate, five, steady flow, not K.

into the background, for I P, not frequent, anti correlation.

keyword, to be careful, do not follow the trend, there are personality.

station content to be rich, not garbage, increase revenue.

The outdated mix also have a long time, diving is even most willing to work, no way, a lot of posts have the impulse to reply, but need behind can in other threads, a long time will sprout want to fall behind the idea, but the individual ability is limited, the rookie level, so has been hesitant to what to write, and now finally decided to try, outdated!       learn about your site this time feel and experience it, and hope to have more exchanges and common hobby friends!

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Location: quasi

speed: Senior station usually only dozens or hundreds of data, can produce more than one day! read more

on the network, we will find such a phenomenon, as a point of view, why people in different ways, but got so obvious differences? Some article hits is very high, some hit rate is so low.

I think everyone wants to know the truth, want to know why is the same in others is recommended to the home page or click on the high quantity, we can only be buried in the corner? As a network of people, I would like to according to their own research on the marketing of soft red Wangzhuan view:

first, published articles to self marketing read more

in popularity since the computer Wangzhuan become a pronoun that is as everyone knows, but the network on the network to make money, money really pay? Entry on the Internet every day people can not rely on the Internet to earn billions of dollars, the livelihood of the people at least millions, but really can not figure family on the Internet more than 100 thousand, it is difficult to find.

today Takeshi webmaster borrow the occasion of national day to talk about the way you are, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Adsense ads and so on in the end how to walk, I hope to help people in this industry. Now the first look into the Wangzhuan industry needs the condition of it, tomorrow to talk about money conditions. read more

Comconn is a start-up company based in Silicon Valley. Their main business is to help overseas in the sea, to expand the foreign large and medium-sized businesses, has been officially authorized UnionPay, and become one of the 6 global acquirer.

the company is the best opportune advantage. Recently, they have just moved into the office before Google, and the signing of the United States well-known high-quality headset brand Monster (magic). Less than half a year, only 12 of the start-up team, has developed a number of large and medium businesses. Business development speed is not so disappointed that the cup. What is surprising is that Comconn company CEO Wang Yuanbo was a quasi 90 students. read more

CTR ad click rate is the value of AdSense advertising display and advertising click on the ratio. Of course, the ideal value is 100%, that is, advertising display a user clicks on a. Of course, this is almost impossible. Users generally do not want to click on the ads, and do not want to see ads. Advertising is the enemy of the audience – the idea has been deeply rooted in people’s minds.

how to improve the possibility of advertising being clicked


first to explain the policy of Google AdSense. Google does not allow webmasters to force or entice users to click on ads. Such as the registration or download the file must click on the AdSense ad, or let the user click on the AdSense ad to get better service, such as behavior is not recognized Google. If you do this, Google is likely to delete your AdSense account. read more