Neyor’s ‘Founding Campaigners’ Quit

first_imgThree members of the campaign team of Montserrado County Senatorial hopeful, Dr. Christopher Z. Neyor, have resigned from his campaign team. The three men cited toleration of corruption, engaging in tribalism and nepotism, among others.But the Friends of Christopher Z. Neyor’s Campaign Team said the resignation didn’t come as a surprise as they (3 men) allegedly failed to siphon money from Neyor. The campaign team described the men as “miscreants and money extorters.”The former campaigners, who were also founding members of the Friends of Christopher Z. Neyor, are James Hne Dossen, chief of strategy, T. Benjamin Myers, chief propagandist and Oliver Yarbah, public affairs head. They stated that the intent for the establishment of the Friends of Christopher Z. Neyor  (FOCN) was to change the course of governance in getting rid of corruption, nepotism, tribalism and the mismanagement of resources, which according to them was part of the campaign manifesto; but things are business as usual with corruption everywhere.The trio made the announcement recently in a press conference in Monrovia.However, the spokesperson of the FOCN, Mr. Chris Harris, termed as unfortunate and diabolical statements coming from their former campaign colleagues that Dr. Neyor is practicing nepotism and encouraging acts of corruption in his campaign initiatives.Harris stated that Dr. Neyor is an uncompromising campaigner of change whose personal and institutional undertakings are usually marked by fiscal prudence.He maintained that the men’s allegation against Dr. Neyor is laughable.“Christopher Z. Neyor is a character who believes in accentuating credential and performance over tribal persuasions and narrowed parochial considerations. Mr. Neyor is a patriot in whose diction there is no tribe, section and ethnicity. His history of employment since his entry in public service in the 80s is replete with geopolitical balance, cross sectional focus and equity in ethnic representation. As a campaigner against nepotism and other negative vices in the Liberian society, Dr. Neyor has won the admiration of the public and can do nothing to shoot himself in the leg,” the Campaign Committee said.Meanwhile, the three former officials of the Neyor’s Campaign accused Mr. Neyor of appointing his wife’s cousin as chairman on membership, mobilization and recruitment; his nephew, George McGill, as head of logistics; and Elijah Kaysaynee, his tribesman from Rivercess County, as the office administrator.The trio further argued that Dr. Neyor appointed another two of his kinsmen, Vincent Baryogar Smith and Agatius Cooker, campaign manager and youth coordinator respectively, both of whom have allegedly embezzled US$16,000.But, in reaction the FOCN spokesman said, “It is not a surprise that these miscreants, after having failed to siphon money from Christopher Neyor, have decided to bury their individual and collective consciences, compromise their parental upbringings and negated the call of morality because of small pocket money.”“To set the record straight,” Harris opined, “there have been no positions in the structure of the campaign team of Christopher Neyor as chief propagandist and director of public affairs, so we believed that Benjamin Myers and Oliver Yarbah purporting as former Chief Propagandist and Director of Public Affairs are elements in proxy for their new political master, who is jittery at the presence of Dr. Christopher Neyor in the Montserrado County senatorial race.”The Campaign Committee added: “We want to call on the public to give no attention to the smear campaign being propagated by Benjamin Myers and Oliver Yarbah. It is a scheme meant to scandalize the hard-earned reputation and profound character of a nationalist like Christopher Z. Neyor who has worked over the years to build a character that sails beyond reproach.”Political pundits have opined that most of this stabbing in the back and crisscrossing of supporters are expected during this election season as most of the “so-called supporters” of party/candidate ‘A’ are also members of party/candidate ‘B’, but are only in party/candidate’s A’s t-shirt just to get what he or she can.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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