Casillas answers Piqué for his memory of 2-6

first_imgOn May 2, 2009, Guardiola’s Barcelona took the Bernabéu with an overwhelming victory in the League. A 2-6 in which Piqué participated with one of the goals and today he has underlined it in the networks. The Barcelona central has posted a message on Twitter with the message “11 years!” to commemorate and celebrate the anniversary of that victory. In addition, he has added the video in which the defender marks the final 2-6. Casillas has picked up the gauntlet and, through the same social network, has answered the defender with an “11 + 2 = 13” in reference to the number of Champions that Real Madrid has in its showcases. No one has added more than the white team. Casillas, in particular, has won three with Real Madrid. Meanwhile, Piqué has four, three with Barcelona and one with Manchester United. That triumph of Barcelona in the league in 2009 raised blisters at the White House and Piqué wanted to rescue that moment. In addition to him, they scored Henry (2), Puyol and Messi (2) by Barcelona. Real Madrid managed to score two goals through Higuaín and Sergio Ramos. Guardiola’s Barcelona won and in the end took the League with a total of 87 points.last_img

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