first_imgAccording to an article in the Indianapolis Star, football is moving to reduce injuries caused by the violent collisions that occur in football kickoffs.  The Pop Warner League has already eliminated kickoffs. This is the 10 and under group.  The ball is simply placed at the 35-yard line and a new series starts.In the college and pro ranks, they moved the kickoff point 5 yards closer to the opposite goal.  This results in less kickoff returns (one half less) and many kicks going out of the end zone where no return is possible.  The ball is now placed at the 25-yard line in college and the pros are considering doing the same thing.  I believe that this is a good idea because it does not greatly change the game of football.  It does eliminate a position for some of the faster players on football teams.  The kickoff returner will soon be a thing of the past.last_img

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