Illogical decision of MINT and CNTB: Monthly results of eVisitor will no longer be published, but three times a year

first_imgMarch 2019 A bit of a strange decision, to say the least, because with the introduction of the eVisitor system, we can monitor all the statistics on a daily basis, which is what the eVisitor system is for. I can understand, I even support, that MINT and CNTB, for the above reasons of the Minister of Tourism, do not want to comment on the number of arrivals and overnight stays from month to month, and that the focus is on more important things, but the decision not to publish monthly eVisitor system data is illogical. That is why the portal HrTurizam.hr will request a report from the CNTB every month, and publish it publicly so that they can be informed about tourist trends. And where we ended up, again on the same, we just complicated the whole story. Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli announced at a press conference that the monthly results of arrivals and overnight stays from the eVisitor system will no longer be published, but three times a year: in early July for the first six months, in September with the results of the main season and at the end of the year the whole tourist year. June 2019 According to the eVisitor system, which includes tourist traffic realized in commercial and non-commercial facilities and nautical charter (eCrew system), in the period from January to the end of June, 6,88 million arrivals (+6 percent) and 26,26 million overnight stays were realized in Croatia. (+3 percent). Out of that, foreign tourists realized 5,85 million arrivals (+6 percent) and 22,93 million overnight stays (+3 percent), while domestic tourists also recorded increases in arrivals by 6 percent and in overnight stays by 4 percent.   The numbers game was a great PR, especially to a wider audience of citizens who do not have direct contact with tourism May 2019 Travanj 2019 Yesterday at the premises of the Ministry of Tourism at a press conference, the Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli and director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić presented the results tourist traffic for the first six months of 2019 years. Monthly results from the eVisitor system will no longer be published !? RELATED NEWS: Although it is not only important to count, nor is it a priori a measure of success, arrivals and overnight stays, statistics still give us many important answers and give a certain framework in which direction a destination develops, as well as our entire tourism in general. It is interesting that for years tourist success was measured exclusively through the growth of the number of arrivals and overnight stays, at least from the eyes or mouths through statements of politicians, while certain tourism experts and media, including the portal HrTurizam.hr, said that mere statistics should not and should not the only measure of success. At that time, that minority was called out as villains in informal conversations and as nothing ever suits us. While there was growth then that numbers game was great PR, especially to a wider audience of citizens who have no direct contact with tourism, and the problems were put under the rug. The narrative was: What do you want? Well you see we are growing by all indicators! But now that we are experiencing some decline or stagnation in some destinations, the rules of the game are changing and statements that it no longer matters. Although according to the eVisitor system, in the first six months we continue to record growth. MINT AND HTZ SATISFIED WITH THE SEASON SO FAR: 6 PERCENT MORE TOURISTS ACHIEVED IN THE FIRST SIX MONTHS So far analysis of the number of arrivals and overnight stays from month to month in accordance with the eVisitor system February 2019 “We want to approach tourism in a holistic way. The way of approaching tourism results and tourism is changing globally and it is difficult to monitor the results from Thursday to Thursday and be objective in such analyzes, because it is often incomparable data, due to the schedule of holidays and other things. This is not fair to tourist entities, nor to guests. Therefore, we will no longer compare day by day, but we will do presentations of “passing time” for the pre-season, the main season and the whole tourist year. ” Cappelli explained, reports Business diary. January 2019 On the one hand, we should certainly welcome the change in the media narrative, ie the statements of the leading people of our tourism on total consumption, sustainable and strategic development of tourist destinations, (regardless of the reasons), but real progress is happening on the ground. One is a word, and something completely different is the terrain and reality. I hope this series of numbers games is behind us, because there were no winners in the whole game, nor was it ever intended. Certainly no one is against tourism growth from year to year, but we must control and limit growth, if necessary as in some destinations, all through sustainable and strategic growth of both our tourism and tourist destinations. And that is where the biggest chaos is on the ground, in tourist destinations and in a tourist system that is not efficient. Eventually, however, the media will be able to get monthly reports from the eVisitor system, but na zahtjev. Unnecessary extension of steps and time, instead of making the whole thing easier, is now further complicated. Long live digitalization. By the way, the eVisitor system has been recognized by the UNWTO through the nomination for innovation in tourism, and there is interest from other countries to implement it, so it will become our export tourism product. last_img

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