Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department ten activities to serve the people

In order to enhance organizational departments and cadres of the fine level, since this year, the Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department to carry out a comprehensive close ties with the masses, serve the grassroots cadres as the main content of the "ten" activities, effectively promote the cadres to practice as a social class, thanks to the people as a teacher, effectively change the style of work, improve the level of work efficiency, establish a good image of the cadres. read more

Xining city power Yushu Nangqian County teacher training work

May 18th, Xining City Bureau of education and the state government of Yushu Nangqian County signed principals, primary and middle school backbone teachers training to the agreement, from May 2011 to April 2012, 9 schools of Xining City, Yushu state aid training Nangqian county 15 schools (District) teachers. The work of teacher training in Nangqian county the first batch of 78 primary and secondary school principals, teachers started in May 20th.

over the years, cooperation and exchanges of education attaches great importance to the Education Bureau of Xining city and remote mountainous areas, minority areas, through the "sent to the countryside to teach" and "teacher education", "the establishment of rural teacher training station" and other measures, help and support in remote mountainous areas and educational development in ethnic minority areas to teach. Especially in Yushu after the earthquake, Xining City Bureau of education in addition to donations, volunteer service teams sent, received the Yushu earthquake of 1320 students attending to my city. read more

Xining leaders visited the war veterans condolences

In September 1st Chinese people’s Anti Japanese War and the 70 anniversary of the victory of the world anti fascist war anniversary, municipal committee, organization department minister Bi Xiaoning on behalf of the municipal government of the city to visit condolences to the surviving veterans of the war, with memories of the unforgettable war.

before parting, Bi Xiaoning also asked the staff Ganju and the old man’s family, should give attention to physical and mental health of the elderly, to provide a comfortable living environment for the elderly, communicate more emotionally, make old people happy, old age.  
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Public Memorandum Xining 42 bus to the 3419 plant

learned from the Xining public transport company, from yesterday, the 42 bus to restore the road leading to the factory of the 3419.

it is understood that the 42 bus just opened, the starting point for Shangri-La, the end of the plant for the 3419. Later, because the parking lot and other problems, 42 bus terminal to the Xining Municipal People’s Hospital in the third. In January 13th, residents in the vicinity of 3419 factory requirements, Xining city traffic bureau, Baoziwan Town, north of the city zone of Xining city bus company responsible for factory and 3419 convenient for residents to travel, specially held about 42 bus lines leading to the 3419 plant will be coordinated recovery. After consultation, decided to resume the 42 bus route to the plant, the plant is responsible for providing the way to turn around the road bus 42, the room and the driver of the rest of the rest, drinking water, toilets and other convenient conditions for the 3419, and so on, the company will be able to return to the 3419. read more

With the weight of their duties in the service of the people

October 29th, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Zhang Xiaorong to the three strict three special education point of contact in the north area of North City, guiding the three strict three special education seminar.

Strict to use the right around the "

north area of four leading comrades, do solid work, real life to do poineering work, establish a loyal, clean, as a new image" theme, combined with personal ideas and practical work, exchange ideas, share experiences, revealing problems, analyze the reasons and specific measures. We all agreed that the need to have the right to use the martial law, according to the law in accordance with the law, the right to close the cage in the system, not the red line, not more than the rules, the right to do the right people, the right to use for the people. read more

Province issued an urgent notice requiring the provincial units to actively participate in the creat

At present, Xining city is actively involved in the national civilized city evaluation index 2012 annual welcome inspection work, Xining city will be in this evaluation as a representative of Qinghai Province, a comprehensive display of "Qinghai civilization" construction level. In September 1st, the provincial organs and the Provincial Civilization Office issued an emergency notice, requiring provincial organs and units, window industry units, the national and provincial civilized unit and the central unit in Qingdao, to support and actively participate in Xining, welcome inspection work, to play an exemplary role, to create and contribute to the civilization of Xining city.

notification requirements, each unit should play an exemplary role in carry out cleaning activities in the family circle. To organize the cadres and workers in the area where the units or residential communities to participate in environmental sanitation cleaning activities, to guide the cadres and workers in Xining to improve the level of civilization as a master". At the same time, the units should take the lead in the implementation of environmental health responsibility system, centralized organization of cadres and workers of the unit within and around the house to carry out clean home remediation activities, keep clean and tidy inside and outside the unit. According to the requirement of the national civilized city, the unit office and family courtyard environmental sanitation, social security comprehensive management to conduct a comprehensive investigation to find the hidden dangers of environmental check dead, and immediately rectification, ensure the workplace neat and orderly, harmonious and stable. At the same time, to actively participate in volunteer service activities to play an exemplary role. Actively participate in volunteer service traffic and public green space conservation volunteer service activities, promote and guide the masses of people to further enhance the consciousness of love green green.

in addition, should play an exemplary role in education and guide workers in civilization. The national and provincial civilized units in Xining must set up the moral lecture hall, and do a good job in preparing for the examination. At the same time, each unit should make full use of all kinds of propaganda and publicity carrier, civilized advertisements and civilized manners, to further expand the masses of the people of the city civilization construction awareness, support rate and satisfaction rate.   read more

Xining City prosecutors and police officers to a city guard

In order to further promote the west of a city to work smoothly, according to the deployment of the west area of a city to do the arrangements, the West’s Procuratorate party called on the police to give full play to the procuratorial functions, vigorously carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, a practical service concept, to the jurisdiction of the masses were Lei Feng, with the highest civilization, the police officers set off a new climax in a city work and create a good atmosphere for the police hit the city guards. read more

Urban per capita housing area will reach 33 square meters

Home to the music industry, in order to let the residents live in a bright and spacious houses, our province construction departments to vigorously promote the construction of low-income housing, and in the corner of the city, many high buildings have been built. Is expected to "12th Five-Year" at the end, the province’s urban per capita housing area will reach 33 square meters, compared to 11th Five-Year increased by 5.45 square meters; the agricultural and pastoral areas per capita housing area will reach 29.2 square meters, compared to 11th Five-Year increased by 5.42 square meters. read more

The party into a strong outpost in the backyard

November 12th, the city held a meeting of the Party System Office (room) director, to convey the spirit of learning the national and provincial Party committee secretary general meeting, the city’s implementation of the work arrangements. Municipal Committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai pointed out in his speech at the conference, to deepen the general secretary Xi Jinping put forward the "Five Principles", a good grasp of the specific requirements of a basic task ", to promote the" three important work "to the city Party Committee General Office (room) system construction as the party committees at all levels, Party strong outpost backyard. Zhang Yonghai stressed that the party should bear in mind the glorious mission, consciously practice the "five insistences". Further enhance the Polish political quality, the overall concept, strengthen the sense of responsibility, keep honest, by "five insistences" armed minds, guiding practice, and promote the work, improve the style of work, and strive to improve the quality and level of service. Keep in mind that a basic task, pay close attention to the implementation of decision-making. To Qinliqinwei, a pole inserted in the end and at every level, layers of implementation of the good way to implement; an important meeting of the spirit, important documents, important instructions for major activities as the focus, combined with the current actual implementation; the spirit of a nail and a stepping stone stay in India, there are traces of iron grasp the fine style of work to implement; mechanism of "number one overall responsibility and strict punishment mechanism to implement. To keep in mind the three key tasks, and comprehensively improve the level of performance. Follow up, a good grasp of the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series study and implementation, to strengthen their learning at the same time, driven by the Department in the region more extensive and in-depth learning; give full play to hold general coordination and supervision functions, take effective measures to improve and change the style, to prevent the four winds problem rebound resurgence; in the construction of basic quality and mechanism of relentless efforts, strengthen the Party Committee General Office (room) the self construction, fulfill their duties, play a good role, make more contribution to the reform development and stability.   read more