Zhang Jiaojiao a young woman with disabilities in Cangzhou started 500 thousand in chicken breedin

once disabled, for many people may end up in a lifetime. However, the hero of this article has made unremitting efforts, relying on chicken entrepreneurship, more than 500 thousand years, which is a lot of people can not do a good health, Cangzhou’s disabled young woman Zhang Jiaojiao did.

riding an electric tricycle selling eggs

Zhang Jiaojiao optimistic, strong from the parents care for her. "When I was a child, I couldn’t go to school. In order to let me learn knowledge, my father was busy with his work during the day." Later, with the growth of age, Zhang Jiaojiao found with peers around the gap. Looking at some of their peers admitted to the University, and some took part in the work, and she can only stay at home every day. read more

How to carry out early education franchise management

early childhood has become an important lesson in the growing process of children, choose a good early education institutions so you can shop more easily. Open a pre school franchise, then, how to manage it? Xiao Bian for us to carry out a detailed introduction.

(1) listen to the views of the early hearing as a management operator not only to listen and listen. One is to listen to the opinions, the specific management practices are in accordance with students’ interests and the interests of the masses, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations policy permits, not condescending, appeared as a leader or check the identity of the person, not a specifically looking for teaching staff error mentality, nor in a First impressions are strongest thinking to listen, but to listen to a learning attitude and help teachers attitude. The two is to listen to lectures, the class into a class. In the lectures in improving their ability to "know", only in this way can we improve the management decision-making ability. read more

The location has a knack for their sweeping grassroots Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is not easy, grassroots entrepreneurship is not easy, so need to consider more comprehensive. Today, we do a summary of grassroots entrepreneurial site selection skills, I hope to help entrepreneurs grassroots group. Grassroots entrepreneurship site tips, go to sweep the streets can be found Feng shui. Street, is you personally or sent to the on-the-spot investigation, the scene found the locations of available time.


1, street area is determined.

must develop a detailed road map in the streets, superstition, in order to avoid duplication or omission. read more

Catering enterprises how to do bigger and stronger these points to consider

a person no matter what the status of the identity of the total or to eat, so the food and beverage industry does not worry about no market, is a very worthwhile investment in the industry. For catering enterprises, want to improve their competitiveness should pay attention to the following factors.

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Join the fish shop recommended five name

joined the fish shop is the dream of many people, for the fish store what name? It is a lot of people have a headache, now do good, long run fish shop does not see more, let us share, how to use the name to attract the attention of consumers?


fish head

creative Description: idiom "The tune lingered in the room. three days without a break".   "fish" homophonic "aftertaste" can show that the fish store unique flavor fragrance, fragrance overflowing in between three days without a break, the name easy to remember, easy to pronounce, easy publicity. Let a person see a deep impression. read more

Ziyan subway chicken which join conditions

Ziyan subway chicken cooked to join you know? You are not only to have a taste of the brand impression, and you do not have an exact knowledge of the system as a support, so the following small as we introduce the cooked chicken Ziyan subway franchise brand.

Ziyan food group is a collection of cooked food production and sales of large-scale food group, the company headquarters is located in Shanghai Minhang District Xhenzhuang Industrial Park, the main characteristic of Sichuan food products. Wherever he went, he was welcomed and loved by local consumers. On behalf of the brand Ziyan subway chicken is Ziyan food. read more