What factors will influence the website server

server hosting provider to server settings so uneven in quality, also all kinds of. For example, the default settings of the server is banned some search engines all web server in the server; some on the 404 page (Not found, does not exist on the server), will head the 200 status code is returned, which leads to the search engine has a large number of false copy the contents of this website, from punish.

so when choosing a server, weights, etc. prior to the observation included with IP other websites. Or there may be  collateral damage . Remember the gates of fire affecting the fish, he said. read more

The successful and rapid optimization steps to explain the website of the Shanghai Dragon

I must emphasize the characteristics of

main nozzle, atomizing nozzle, fan nozzle, nozzle

first stop: Shanghai dragon standard optimization Website

rapid success site before Shanghai dragon sailing Shanghai dragon has: stability and regularity. First, the stability mainly refers to the server stability, website program stability, site keywords stability, stability, stable web page title description. Second, the regular requirements of Shanghai Longfeng site workers to master the search engine rankings influence rule, update time and quantity to have the law, publishing website chain rule. read more

Alert four different search engine punishment

severe punishment is a type of serious punishment. The cause of severe punishment is usually a serious breach of the items banned from the search engines, such as the use of black hat means of cheating, get good rankings, a large number of clicks through the illegal use of mass of large mass outside the chain, the website to modify the theme and content, hang black chain, website and link the sale and so on. Severe punishment after the performance of the site is not updated snapshot stop, all long-term keywords ranking, website basic weight, website ranking, site home page without missing or near, "" read more

Accelerate the use of CND website do need to pay attention to the link of Shanghai Dragon


home page:

, using CND

is not used before CND acceleration, just listen to others to say why don’t know much about it, do not dare to use. Prudence I also specially on the Internet for some information, the above said accelerate the use of CND not what effect on the site of Shanghai dragon, and also accelerate stand in the perspective of the user experience, not only has no effect on it and the positive effect of Shanghai dragon.

see the Internet used CDN to accelerate the webmaster, analysis of the function and descriptions on the pros and cons of the Shanghai dragon was an under the heart, so immediately to their website using CDN. Through the analysis of some settings and IP website, finally can normal visit, but the speed is significantly improved, this also is secretly finally solved the website can not access the problem. However, the morning of the second day look dumbfounded when ranking sites. Not only no website ranking, but also did not have even home page. At this time, the first reaction may be CDN, because I do not have any action, and the original content is normal. This immediately login web server to view the site date, this view to Charles does not know, although there are a lot of spiders to visit, but did not capture any of the page data, and GET are not what page information behind. read more

How to share Shanghai Dragon how to do keywords suspended in midair

generally encountered such a problem, most of the Shanghai dragon Er will tell Frank questions: give up treatment, man. In fact, how often to love this answer, why give up the treatment of

The general situation of the This is

second, half-dead sites have such problems. Early may be some small problems, but once for a long time, accumulated more, it will become a big problem. However, the problem still is not a problem, the biggest problem is that you are going to find one of these problems and correct them, this is the biggest problem. read more

How to use the hospital network marketing blog drainage

Reasonable use of

so we are in a new promotion mode must be changed a bit, it is a way out of here. So what are the optimal way to Sina blog, the blog for example.

don’t know what you do in the Sina blog have found that if you exit the blog, you can see the keywords is mainly the transfer of Sina blog home page label you as a keyword, description call is the first section of the articles. The author when doing the Sina blog, mainly to their home page set 10, then a top, top of the first paragraph is certainly for personal website demand description set. Key words, reasonable layout, before to list them to do keywords, for setting the label. Remind you, in order to improve the user experience of the blog, it is best to have a clear navigation list, as far as possible all the column arrangement. read more

What kind of ability is qualified is qualified in Shanghai dragon er

: the first web site with the basic knowledge of

third: Master comprehensive knowledge of

like Shanghai, Google and other search engines, general search engine optimization has released the document data on the contents of these documents must fully grasp, not only to see the same point of the two search engines, we should also pay attention to the two little difference in what place, also should be able to see out of the two search engine optimization of website of partial key. As for the other search engines, the Shanghai dragon aspects does not seem to be related documents, so we can think that as long as the love of Shanghai and Google optimization good place, also suitable for other search engines. read more

Website construction original articles Stealing Books is not stolen

remember Mr. Lu Xun’s Kong Yiji, after being caught stealing books still in a lot of excuses "stealing books not steal" stealing books not stealing"…… However, stealing books really can not be stolen? As a result, no matter how those around "stealing books not steal the proposition of sophistry, he was all beaten up. Why? Because the book is the owner paid a fee for, that is to say, the owner of the book exchange obtained through paid book title, but Kong Yiji does not understand this, do not want to pay any cost to themselves, not stealing it. read more

Three different period of the website optimization to help you quickly improve the ranking

here will not talk about those too popular things, such as the choice of the domain name, free choice of these one-sided. Today everyone say less about content point optimization. The construction of an initial choice, there are many open source programs such as DEDECMS, ZBLOG, WP, Empire, more and more people use these open source program, the operation is relatively simple, and updated more diligent, is enough to meet the needs of our website, the program is more suitable for some personal website. For example, we want to do a blog, this time we can choose WP to build our website, but here, Xiao Bian want to tell you one thing, that is our site in the selection of these open source programs are very good, but when we give their blogs, the theme of the site selection you need to pay attention. Is not to say that all of the theme and the source are suitable, we need to consider the overall appearance of a blog or website, for their comparison, which is suitable for the user, which is not love the user. In addition, we must pay attention to these sites, blog is the code to spider, whether it is sufficiently streamlined. In the early years of a web site, the spider on our website whether or residence time is very short. So we can let the spider to most content on our website in the shortest time to grab, then we are building at the site of the initial win. There are some other types of company website, usually looking for someone to write a set of their own website program, to make its own out of the ordinary, this fact itself is not a problem. However, if we want to do, first of all to understand their own understanding and program development, optimization of knowledge, and not just to develop a program for it. read more

The lottery site is down right Shanghai the 60 day after diagnosis fast recovery to weight 5

data is A5 marketing rectification in second times proposed by 2014-04-29:

site is down right in 2013 September, the original 5 of the weight of the site was down to the relentless love Shanghai 1 of the weight of the whole company, down right after all fell into a panic. Then the company leadership requires the person in charge to restore the weight in a short time, but they want a variety of recovery down the right way, also tried to contact the Shanghai dragon service providers seek solutions, but ultimately failed to restore the site, which lasted more than a month did not rely on the website profit performance of the company seriously decline. Finally, to seek diagnosis A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team on the site of the Shanghai dragon recovery service, after the diagnosis suggested diagnosis Engineer A5 in East China, they seriously implement the diagnosis scheme after only 60 days, the site began to slowly return to the weight, until the weight back to 5 and their leaders personally come to A5! Thank you for the website stationmaster net diagnosis engineers! [A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and consultant], 100% weight increase, we speak with the facts! Invalid full refund! Spend 5000, let you earn 50000 yuan. read more