How to do the chain to improve the ranking


finally, the chain to stability. The three day sun for two days fishing nets do not matter, the chain every day in a certain range of stable > continues to increase.

first of all, we have to analyze what the chain to help ranking, which does not help, discard the dross and select the essence. After the screening, selected for ranking chain help do place, but do too much the chain in the same place not. Because it does not accord with the link, also is not able to reach the realm of Rome road. How to analyze, can refer to three points: 1) the weight of each other, this is now the chain first to see, if a weight is not high to do outside the chain, the search engine will be considered junk chain, in order to external chain and chain. This ranking in fact no positive effects, only the negative effect. 2) collected snapshot, old and new. I put the two together, because if the collection is not good, that this site is not friendly to the search engine, there may still be the observation period, oneself in the chain above, if the site is injured, their chance will be compromised, a new snapshot, The loss outweighs the gain., it included fast, they do not included a few days the chain, that is not equal to the white do? No collection of the chain is not against the chain. Only be collected to be outside the chain of your site. 3) can send links. Now the web site for the link is restricted more and more deep, as long as there were links, no matter how good your article, immediately. So, this is a waste of time, but also a waste of energy, not what. read more

Not for the purpose of Shanghai dragon is a failure in marketing and user experience

, another is the user experience, in fact, this point is not to keep up with the enterprise website for the purpose of marketing to do Shanghai dragon is the failure of the same meaning, two major trends of the future design of the site is certainly in the marketing website construction and personalized user experience as the core, but the construction site of these details although useful, but leading is not a website, actually leading a website user experience is the content of your website, you do not think the content is the user, the user came to your site can not solve their problems, so we need to make great efforts in this regard, pay more attention to the user’s attention, analysis the shape of the user. If you with a strong Shanghai dragon hard technology ranking up, users come to your site to find they want to find content, can not solve their doubts, they will abandon your website, a website that is abandoned by the user search engine will. read more

Love Shanghai mobile search focus on remediation of illegal websites landing page

May 10th, Shanghai Webmaster Platform through the love letter, to more than one hundred landing pages have hurt experience VIP site issued a risk warning to the user, in part because of the impact on the user’s search site is too bad, has been optimized.

with the rapid development of mobile Internet, smart mobile phone into a communication device every day people cannot do without the mobile terminal customers increasingly use mobile phone to access the web. However, "bearing limited information, out of interest, in the mobile web site over online advertising, a lot. read more

How to solve the website high but no traffic problems

two, ranking up also can not guarantee the traffic worries

, and included a new snapshot, there is no direct relationship between

method is very simple:

long tail keywordsThe

three, can solve the traffic problems of

ranking does not appear in the primary key, in such a way to add the contents of the site, while doing outside the chain to improve website weight, can be in the early site to bring some good traffic, which can solve the problem of site traffic. >

to your content in front of the user search, the first thing to do is to make your content fewer competitors, this requires the original content is high; if you can not meet this point, we need to increase the weight of the website, let your web site in a competitor’s website ranking. read more

Love love Shanghai original or quality

collection siteSome netizens

two, talk about the "quality" of those things

for the original, Shao Lianhu’s personal understanding is to use their own language to do it is original. For example, articles, videos, pictures etc.. If you copy others that is not according to their own language creation. For the original problem. A lot of people, a lot of people are not. Because the original need to waste a lot of time and energy. Do not know if you have not done graphic tutorials. Write an article to make many pictures, have layout. But some people don’t know how to write the original. read more

Love Shanghai know for new channels of the chain link

for such a strange phenomenon, I also specifically asked a friend, he also said very puzzled, I do not know why the net > imperceptibly

out of curiosity, I have found several other do love Shanghai to promote the site, check the chain of them, the results have not happen, including my company to do the promotion of the website, there is no such outside chain. But a little details I found, that is to know in Shanghai love page links in the top left words, if the idea described, "URL" is not the case, because the local description of the show only one line, while the right side of the link content "show URL" good show. That is to say even if your web site to do the promotion, but if the price is too high because they are displayed on the left side, but it has no chance to be counted as the chain (not done bidding may not know, or do it). read more

How to make love of home of Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Technology Application

from the search words and search results, which is associated with a lot of accurate search, keywords and application;

Application analysis of

Shanghai channel so appear on the show when the game is all application channel.

search product positioning

2. have a great relationship with the love of Shanghai application.

love Shanghai Shanghai dragon start from:

in several ways like Shanghai demonstrate the application of search

1. love Shanghai search keywords "calendar"

3. positioning and product naming is of great relevance. read more

Large website and enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng optimization

large sites, are based on the number of units of the million level page, in million level page long tail word ranking, we cannot say to every page to give it a detailed optimization, go to get it what the chain, this is not realistic, even without your own related tools, don’t even know what page is what the long tail word ranking, in which search engines so want to go one by one to do, basically equal to the impossible.

this is a very important problem, because the overall amount included, you can also affect how many pages can go to the competition long tail word ranking. Just like in the Olympics, you again how a small country can not have so China get awards, because of what, because I take part in the competition of many people, the probability of large. So, just like a collection of the right to compete, if don’t want to get the ranking, I said, do you believe? read more

To explore how to optimize the website page of Shanghai dragon essence

If you have articles >

second: anchor text pointing optimization.

the content of the website optimization

. Now is the text of the trend of the times, and love Shanghai also agree with this trend, love Shanghai earlier this year began to study the image recognition function, this is undeniable, since love Shanghai has the perfect support for image recognition search. Then we should be also need corresponding illustrations, and pictures must add ALT tags. I wrote an article in front of the new station "how to do" the optimization of the article: 贵族宝贝zhongyanfeng贵族宝贝/681.html, also talked about the optimization of the knowledge, we can also refer to. read more

What are the phenomenon of website optimization indicates that the website will be right down

so many Shanghai dragon are keen to do network optimization, then ask why we do website optimization? In fact, the answer is simple we do website optimization is to let our website can have a very high rank and weight, to attract more traffic. Therefore, we are trying to improve the weight of their own website. But the website optimization is not so Everything is going smoothly.. The site is down right frequently happened. After the site is down right we have to face to restore the weights of the website work. So in order to avoid our site is down right or to cut down the right risk sites, then we will talk about the following in the website optimization process which means website will be right down. read more