Dogs Have Their Day on Ocean City’s Beach

first_imgBy DONALD WITTKOWSKIDennis Couch and his wife, LeAnne Beil, decided Sunday morning that they would jump in their car and make the three-hour drive from their home in Mechanicsburg, Pa., to Ocean City.They were anxious to see the Jersey Shore on a beautiful fall day, but actually their trip had more to do with treating the two other members of their family – their dogs Harley and Lily – to some new scenery.“This is their first time on the beach,” Beil explained as Harley and Lily wagged their tails and panted in excitement.“They’re not too shy about the water,” Couch added. “They’ve never seen the ocean before.”Although dogs are banned on Ocean City’s beaches during the peak summer tourism season, they are allowed to romp on the sand from Oct. 1 to April 30 provided they are on a leash and their owners clean up any messes.Dog owners are well aware that Ocean City’s beaches open up to canines during the quieter off-season months. They said it is one of the biggest reasons – if not the biggest – for visiting the resort in the fall and winter.Couch noted that 12-year-old brother and sister Harley and Lily, a mix of the Brussels Griffon and Shih Tzu breeds, often accompany him on hikes on the Appalachian Trail and other places.“They go hiking a lot, but they had never been to the beach,” he said.On Sunday morning, Couch and Beil thought that it would be fun for them – and the dogs – to travel to the Jersey Shore to savor the beach and ocean.“This would be a good day. It’s nice weather, so let’s go” Beil recalled of her conversation with her husband.So three hours later, Harley and Lily were frolicking on the sand and in the surf. They were not the only dogs enjoying the beach.Melinda Yannick and her boyfriend, Colin Devenny, both of Phoenixville, Pa., spend the day at the shore with their dogs, Jacks and Comet.Melinda Yannick and her boyfriend, Colin Devenny, both of Phoenixville, Pa., brought their dogs, Jacks and Comet, down to Ocean City for a weekend getaway to the shore.It was the first time on the beach for Jacks and Comet. Jacks, an Alaskan Malamute, boldly went into the water, while Comet, a mixed breed, was more tentative about the waves.Yannick said 13-year-old Jacks has been struggling with a tumor on his right back leg, so she wanted him to see the ocean for the first time before his health took a turn for the worst.“He loved it,” she said of Jacks playing in the water.Knowing that shore towns often allow dogs on the beach during the off-season, Yannick searched on Google to make sure that Ocean City was one of them before she and Devenny made the 90-minute drive from their home in Phoenixville.However, dogs are not permitted on the Ocean City Boardwalk. Devenny said he found that out Sunday when he was on the Boardwalk with Jacks and Comet and a police officer politely told him dogs were not allowed there.“We had a little talk with a police officer. He was nice,” Devenny said.Chris Leonetti, a medical device salesman from Philadelphia, brings Taco, his 6-year-old Samoyed, with him whenever he visits the shore. On Sunday, Leonetti also had Waffles, his 12-week-old Samoyed puppy, with him for her first trip to the beach.Taco, who was eager to run on the beach, tugged on his leash while looking at the water. He also furiously dug into the sand for amusement. Waffles watched intently while taking cues from Taco for doggy beach etiquette. The dogs’ lustrous white coats were even brighter than the beach sand.Leonetti, who wears surgical scrubs when he stops at shore-area hospitals for his job, said Taco gets excited when he sees his owner changing into his work clothes.“As soon as I put on my scrubs, he runs to the back door and waits because he knows we’re going down to the shore,” Leonetti said.Chris Leonetti, of Philadelphia, lets his Samoyeds, Taco, and puppy Waffles, explore the beach. Dogs are allowed on Ocean City’s beaches from Oct. 1 to April 30 provided they are on a leash and their owners clean up any messes.last_img read more

Selectmen appoint interim school board director

first_imgFARMINGTON – The Board of Selectmen unanimously appointed an interim school board director at Tuesday’s board meeting.Director Heather Ahren-Huish recently resigned from the Regional School Unit 9 board, with roughly eight months left on the first year of her term. The board put out a public notice advertising the open position and three Farmington residents responded: Ryan Morgan, Dennis O’Neil and Kirk Doyle.A former selectman and local business owner, Morgan was originally appointed to the school board in 2016 to replace another resigning director. He ran for reelection unopposed in 2017 and later resigned in January 2018. Ahren-Huish was appointed interim director to fill Morgan’s seat until July 1, 2018, while also running unopposed in March for a three-year term.Selectman Stephan Bunker moved to appoint Morgan. A former school board director, Bunker said that he felt Morgan’s previous experience would be helpful to “hit the ground running” as an interim director.“We’re blessed to have this level of interest,” Bunker said, encouraging O’Neil and Doyle to run for the seat in March 2019. Agreeing that all three candidates were qualified, the board voted unanimously to appoint Morgan.Morgan will serve on an interim basis until July 1, 2019. At the March town meeting next year, a school board director will be elected for a two-year term to fill that seat.The board also set the date of the 2019 town meeting. Per usual, it will be held on the last Monday of March, March 25. In addition to the interim school board seat, elections will be held to fill Board of Selectmen seats, currently occupied by Selectman Michael Fogg and Board Chair Josh Bell.last_img read more

Fly-fishing show set for Pasadena

first_imgA fly-fishing show will make its first stop in Pasadena this year. The Pasadena Fly-Fishing Show will be held March 3-4 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Previously, the show was held at the Ontario Convention Center. It is also a week earlier than the previous shows, which had been held at the same time as the Fred Hall Outdoors and Travel Show in Long Beach. Guides who represent fly-fishing locations from around the world will be in attendance, along with manufacturers of rods, reels, waders, flies, line, clothing, float boats and other accessories. There will be more than 26 how-to and where-to-go programs and at least seven tying and casting demonstrations per day. There will also be book signings and conservation clubs offering information. Small classes with experts Ed Engle, A.K. Best and Joe Humphries on nymphs, fly-tying and casting will be available for $75. Pre-registration is required. The show, the last stop of a 10-city tour, will be from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on March 3 and 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on March 4. The cost is $14, and a two-day pass is $24. The cost for youths 12 and under is $2. For information, call (800) 420-7582 or go to the Web site: A safe-boating class will be offered by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 3-10, in Pasadena. The six-week class will begin Feb. 22 and will be held on Thursdays from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. at 1118 N. Allen Ave. in Pasadena. center_img Sailboat and powerboat enthusiasts can attend and those who successfully complete the course often receive discounts for boater’s insurance. The only charge is $20, for the study book. Pre-registration is required. For more information, call (626) 798-6385. Because of the invasion of the Quagga mussel in the Colorado River, boaters are being asked to empty, clean and dry their watercraft after each use. Boats are the primary transporters of the mussels, which were discovered in Lake Havasu last month. All boaters and anyone connected to freshwater aquatic environments should wash the hull of each watercraft once it is out of the water, removing all plants and animal material; drain any water through the vessel’s hull plug and ensure the area is dry; ensure the vessel’s lower outboard unit is drained and dry; clean and dry any live-well; empty and dry any buckets and dispose of all bait in the trash. Any vessel traveling from Lake Mead or the Colorado River should remain dry and out of water for five days. For more information, call (866) 440-9530. [email protected] (626) 962-8811, Ext. 2272 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more

Reality Beats PC

first_imgThe real world fights back against misconceptions about the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of political correctness.Big Science and Big Media continue their cozy relationship with leftist and libertarian groups that advocate free thinking, free loving, and freedom from moral restraint. That’s clear from a Science Daily piece that claims “School sex education often negative, heterosexist, and out of touch,” according to “researchers” who think teachers should promote the sexual revolution. Another piece on Medical Xpress advocates “lifting the stigma” on bisexual men and “mixed-orientation relationships,” portraying them as normal and happy. A third piece on Medical Xpress thinks people shouldn’t assume terrorists are mentally ill because that puts a stigma on them and on others who don’t like being called that.Sometimes, though, facts don’t care about political correctness.Youth crimes spike immediately after drinking age (Science Daily): The statistics don’t lie. “As soon as youth are given legal access to alcohol, there are immediate effects on their involvement in police-reported criminal behaviours,” a study author says. Alcohol takes a toll on the heart as well as the brain; see “Alcohol’s Toll on the Heart: Bigger, Not Better” (Live Science).Guaranteed-tuition laws inflating college costs, study finds (Science Daily): Free college? Sounds like a great leftist political plank. But, “Guaranteed-tuition laws, touted by lawmakers as protecting college affordability and ensuring access to higher education for low-income students, have received failing grades from two experts in higher education finance.”4 Hours in Huntington: how the heroin epidemic choked a city (Medical Xpress): What happens when people get easy access to drugs? This article begins with horror stories from Huntington, then says, “The string of mass poisonings stretched across Appalachia and the Midwest.” Drug overdoses, suicide, crime, poverty and chaos are plaguing communities with lax drug laws and enforcement.Strong alcohol policies can help prevent suicide (Medical Xpress): Why hinder people from their own pursuit of happiness? Suicide is not exactly a happy ending to a potential life. “There is clear evidence that intoxication and chronic, heavy drinking are often associated with suicide,” a new study shows.AI can join the fight back against the post-truth world (New Scientist): This article is clearly biased. Republicans and conservatives are the targets for accusations of lying, despite all the publicity about Clinton’s lifetime record of mendacity. That’s par for the course in New Scientist, an atheist publication that routinely bashes everything conservative and exalts Darwinism. What the editors yearn for, however, is truth. How exactly did that evolve?Homeschooling Is on the Rise: Here’s Why (Live Science): A “teacher educator” tries to explain the rapid rise in home schooling. He notices that it’s not solely a movement among evangelical conservatives. Kyle Greenwit of Michigan State rightly says that home schooling was the norm in early America, but he seems to miss a main reason: parental dissatisfaction with failing public government schools and their slavish protection of teacher unions that results in American public schools spending the most per student but getting the lowest grades. Is he observing the effects and not the cause?Unintended consequences of creating the world’s first semisynthetic organism (PhysOrg): Big Science wants no restrictions on research, including ethically-controversial procedures. If you can’t trust scientists, whom can you trust? This article about research with artificial base pairs in the genetic code reports a surprise: the artificial codons subjected cells to more UV damage. “Overall, the results illustrate the complexities involved in the ways that making even a small modification to an organism’s genetic code may have far-reaching and unforeseen consequences for the entire organism.”Entitlement—a damning recipe for happiness (Medical Xpress): Left-leaning organizations and politicians are characterized by big government programs offering more entitlements to people. Does that make people happier? No, says a new study: “Entitlement—a personality trait driven by exaggerated feelings of deservingness and superiority—may lead to chronic disappointment, unmet expectations and a habitual, self-reinforcing cycle of behavior with dire psychological and social costs, according to new research by Case Western Reserve University.”Look at the contrary values that emerge from the above stories: (1) responsibility, (2) frugality and thriftiness, (3) self-control, (4) faith, (5) unselfishness, (6) truthfulness, (7) responsible parenting, (8) caution, (9) humility, and (10) gratitude. Those sound pretty old fashioned. They may not be politically correct. They’re just correct. (Visited 20 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Shivani Bhatnagar murder: After three-and-a-half years police make first arrests, raise hopes

first_imgThe police are rarely known to be coy when it comes to a big catch. Specially if the case happens to be as sensational as the Shivani Bhatnagar murder mystery. But when the Delhi Police picked up Sri Bhagwan Sharma, a Gurgaon-based farmer, from his residence on the outskirts of,The police are rarely known to be coy when it comes to a big catch. Specially if the case happens to be as sensational as the Shivani Bhatnagar murder mystery. But when the Delhi Police picked up Sri Bhagwan Sharma, a Gurgaon-based farmer, from his residence on the outskirts of the capital on July 23, they kept it under wraps.For seven days they interrogated him, without letting the world know that a key figure in the case was in their custody. On July 29, Sri Bhagwan’s family filed a habeas corpus petition in the Delhi High Court, following which the police were asked to locate the former and produce him in court before August 1.The police did that a day before the deadline and informed the court that Sri Bhagwan was a suspect in the killing of The Indian Express journalist. Shivani was murdered in her east Delhi apartment on the evening of January 23, 1999. Three-and-a-half years later, Sri Bhagwan’s was the first arrest that the police had made in the case. But the prize catch would obviously be a man on the run, a senior police officer.THE ACCUSED: Ravi Kant Sharma, IPS, IG (Prisons), Haryana PoliceSTATUS: Prime suspect Lookout notices posted in several states and all exit points Even before the journalist’s murder, rumours were rife in police and media circles in Delhi of an extramarital relationship between Shivani and Ravi Kant Sharma, a Haryana cadre IPS officer currently posted as inspector-general (prisons) in Chandigarh.The affair is said to have begun when as a correspondent of her publication, Shivani, married to Times of India correspondent Rakesh Bhatnagar, covered the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) during the I.K. Gujral regime. Sharma was an officer on special duty there. In late 1998, Shivani delivered a baby boy. Police say as Shivani began to put pressure on Sharma to tie the knot, the officer decided to get rid of her.Last Wednesday, police officers raided several places in Himachal Pradesh in search of Sharma. Several teams of the Delhi Police conducted raids at Kasauli, Shimla and Kufri after getting information that Sharma had fled to the hill state.advertisementHe had evaded arrest for the five days since the capture of Sri Bhagwan and though the police had conducted several search operations at his Chandigarh house, they had no clue about his whereabouts. Astonishingly enough, this officer was proving to be so elusive the Delhi Police was forced to announce a Rs 50,000 reward for anyone providing information leading to his arrest.Sharma has had a chequered career in the civil services. The suave IPS officer is said to have bagged the kind of postings that would be the envy of even well-connected IAS officers. Before his stint in the PMO he was posted in France and at the time of Shivani’s death he served as chief vigilance officer at Air-India’s Mumbai headquarters.THE EXECUTIONER: Pradeep Sharma, Contract KillerSTATUS: Arrested Stolen camera and diary evidence point to his involvement The plum postings, it is said, were a result of the political connections of his father-in-law, a senior Chandigarh-based journalist. His fellow  officers, besides envying his postings, had another reason to be jealous of him: his way with women.Before Shivani came into the picture, Sharma is said to have had an affair with a Chandigarh-based journalist who later shifted to London. His problems with Shivani may have something to do with her refusal to take a similar route. Sharma perhaps wished that she too had gone elsewhere, maybe back to her husband, but she would have nothing of it and insisted he married her.According to the police, the conspiracy was so meticulously planned that Shivani’s could have been the perfect murder – but for the numerous cell phone calls between Sharma and Shivani and among Sharma and the other accused. Probing the case was no easy job for them, considering that the two central figures in the case were Shivani’s lover Sharma and her husband Rakesh.As investigations continued the police realised there was much that Sharma was trying to hide, though initially, given his connections, they found their hands tied. But the breakthrough came when the police began to check the phone records of the main players in the mystery. The records showed that in the months before Shivani died, there was a spate of calls between Sharma, who was then posted in Mumbai, and her. CLOSING INJANUARY 23, 1999: Shivani Bhatnagar stabbed to death in her Delhi home. All leads point to Sharma but no evidence.DECEMBER 2001: Police question Sharma’s associates and examine details of his cell phone calls.JULY 2002: Phone records show involvement of Sri Bhagwan. Police interrogate him, then arrest him.AUGUST 2, 2002: Police arrest Pradeep, the alleged killer. Sharma is on the run. Alert sounded for his arrest. Even earlier, while Shivani was in London on a journalism scholarship, Sharma had called her as many as 90 times. Shivani too had called Mumbai from London at least 176 times. Later the calls were mostly one-way – she calling him – though she is said to have got several threatening calls for a few days before her death.advertisementIntriguingly, police also have evidence to show that Rakesh Bhatnagar had spoken to his wife’s lover no less than 40 times between December 1997 and January 1999, though nothing is known about what transpired.The police now believe they have a watertight case against Sharma. “Sharma contacted Sri Bhagwan, who in turn got in touch with Satprakash. The two hatched a conspiracy to murder Shivani. Satprakash even used his cell phone to contact the contract killers,” says a senior police officer.Later, taps on Sharma’s phone and his conversation with Sri Bhagwan provided valuable pieces of evidence for the police. These coupled with the handwriting in the entry register at Navkunj Society where Shivani lived and was killed have made the police confident that they are close to busting the case.Handwriting experts say the writing is similar to that of another suspect, Pradeep, who was also arrested last week. Pradeep, police say, is one of the killers who went inside the flat and stabbed and then strangulated Shivani to death.Adding to their optimism was the recovery of a camera from Pradeep. The camera was the only object that was missing from the Bhatnagar household after the murder of Shivani.Police are currently pursuing leads that Sharma was a frequent visitor to Shivani’s house. They are now trying to get the backdated registers of the apartment complex to see whether Sharma had entered the premises sporting a fake identity.ALL QUIET: Sharma has not been at his Panchkula home since August 1Police have reasons to believe that Sharma had planned the murder well in advance. In December 1998, a full month before Shivani’s murder, he had lodged a complaint at the Greater Kailash police station in south Delhi of a kidnap bid on his younger daughter Komal as well as complaints about threats to his family from unknown sources. Police believe these were nothing more than efforts to hoodwink the authorities.Midway last week, Sharma was still on the run and the ranks of the Delhi Police were out to arrest a man who otherwise in the normal course of duty they would have saluted. The Sharma family, however, dismisses the charges against him. It is a “part of a big political conspiracy to frame him”, says his daughter Komal. “Why doesn’t the police question other suspects, the politicians? Why have they given a clean chit to Rakesh Bhatnagar?”But at the moment, the top police officer who ought to have used his skills to track down criminals is himself on the run – just like a criminal.advertisementlast_img read more

Ranking The SEC Teams’ Schedules By Difficulty

first_imgalabama head coach nick saban at the sec championship gameATLANTA, GA – DECEMBER 01: Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide reacts after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs 35-28 in the 2018 SEC Championship Game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on December 1, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)The SEC is an absolute grind. The West has long been considered the toughest division in college football, and the East may be back on the up-swing with teams like Florida and Tennessee showing signs of life recently. Add in the league’s penchant for scheduling big-time non-conference opponents early, and the vast majority of these teams refuse to take it easy.A few months ago, we ranked the easiest and most difficult schedules in all of college football. Only one SEC team made our ‘easy’ list, while a third of the most difficult list was made up by SEC programs. The preseason edition of ESPN’s Football Power Index strength of schedule rankings is incredibly bullish on the entire SEC, with eight of the conference’s teams in the top 20.Which team has the hardest schedule of them all, and who is taking it (relatively) easy? Here is our ranking of the 14 SEC teams’ schedules by difficulty.Next: No. 14 ??? >>>Pages: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15last_img read more

Martin Freeman confirms Black Panther return

first_imgLos Angeles: Marvel Studios may not have made any formal announcements about “Black Panther” sequel, but actor Martin Freeman has confirmed his involvement in the project. Freeman, who played CIA Agent Everett Ross in the Chadwick Boseman-fronted 2018 film, said he is not sure when the much-anticipated sequel will get into production. “As far as I know, I will be (returning). As far as I know, I will be in another Black Panther. That’s my understanding. As to when that will happen, I don’t know,” Freeman told Collider when asked about his return to Marvel Cinematic Universe. Also Read – I have personal ambitions now: Priyanka “Black Panther 2” was not announced during Marvel Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con, but Ryan Coogler is expected to return as the director of the new film. Feige, however, later on hinted that a Black Panther movie can be a part of the studio’s fifth phase. Apart from being a global blockbuster with USD 1.3 billion worldwide, “Black Panther” also became the first Marvel superhero film to earn a best picture Oscar nod.last_img read more


first_img Login/Register With: The winner will receive $6,000 from the Canada Council for the Arts, attend a 10-day writing residency at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity and have their work published on CBC Books.Four finalists will win $1,000 from the Canada Council for the Arts and have their work published on CBC Books.You may submit original, unpublished poetry or a collection of poems up to 600 words in length. Advertisement A team of readers from across Canada will read the entries and determine the longlist. The shortlist and winner will be decided by the 2018 jury.CLICK HERE FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Advertisement Twitter LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Facebooklast_img read more

Klopp urges Liverpool fans to show respect

first_imgJurgen Klopp urged his fans to be peaceful and wishes to avoid the mishappenings which occurred in their game against Manchester City – the Citizens’ bus was destroyed – in the upcoming game against Roma.Liverpool will be facing Roma, who eliminated Barcelona in the quarter-final stage of the Champions League with an aggregate score of 4-3, at Anfield on Tuesday. Usually, the coach has the normal fitness and tactics concerns prior to such a game, but Klopp has some other concerns as well – he is worried the misconducts from outside of the stadium from last time will be repeated.divock origi, liverpoolReport: Origi cause Klopp injury concerns George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Divock Origi injury in today’s game against Newcastle is a cause for concern for Jurgen Klopp.Perhaps with one eye on Tuesday’s trip to Italy…“I think that is really clear, in the stadium do it again and better,” Klopp said before Tuesday’s semi-final first leg against Roma, according to SkySports. “Outside the stadium, please show the respect we have to show.”“This is such a fantastic football club, such an outstanding football family known for fantastic atmospheres around the world, so we don’t need to throw whatever at the bus of the opponent’s team.”last_img read more