Roko Vuletić, HUP: Croatian nautical tourism should turn to new markets

first_imgNautical tourism in Croatia lasts the longest season, about eight months, and it started a month ago. In HRT’s show “Good morning, Croatia”, there was talk about what kind of season awaits us and whether the Greeks, due to state subsidies, pulled some potential guests away from us. Robert Pende, assistant in the Ministry of Tourism, Roko Vuletić, president of the Nautical Sector Association at HUP and Sean Lisjak, president of the Association of Marinas at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce spoke on the show. As for advertising, Pende explains that nautical is at the forefront, as are nautical tourism and sea sports. He says that boaters are the best consumers and that their consumption is growing very dynamically. Source / Photo: HRT Vuletic is of the opinion that promotional activities should be intensified in new markets as well. “Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are our traditional markets, and we need to turn to the constantly growing American and Scandinavian markets.”, Concludes Vuletić. He added that guests are increasingly looking for package deals and that there are fewer and fewer classic nautical guests. They want to have a whole package of air transfers, accommodation, gastronomic offerings, and all of the above has become more expensive, including berths in marinas. “Combined with the announced recession, people are becoming a little more cautious about spending, wanting to meet new destinations, and Greece and Turkey are currently growing strongly”, Said Vuletic. Last year, we earned 860 million kuna from tourism, and 72 percent was generated from revenues from connections, which Lisjak believes is not good because the rest is non-board consumption in marinas. He said a way should be found to allow existing investors to invest in marinas in order to achieve significant revenue growth. With the price increases, a certain decline in transit was recorded. Lisjak adds that we must be careful with the pricing policy and that we should be as competitive as possible. Sean Lisjak said that he is not afraid of cancellation because nautical is a tough activity and has had continuity in Croatia for the last fifteen years. But he added that we must be careful as new markets have opened up that have been avoided until recently due to instability and security reasons. But, if we achieve last year’s results, he is of the opinion, we can be satisfied. Robert Pende said that the nautical season has just begun and he is satisfied so far and expects the season to be at last year’s level. However, Roko Vuletić said that, according to information from the field, the data are not so good. “We are a world leader in one segment of nautical tourism, in the rental of unmanned boats. From colleagues who have charter agencies, they receive information that some growing markets have canceled existing reservations due to Croatian price increases, which has been a big trend in recent years, although the charter has raised prices the least, given the growth of supply and competition”, He explained.last_img read more