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first_imgVideo Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. Labour’s final party political broadcast ahead of local elections on Thursday focusses on the party message ‘for the many, not the few’. The film airing tonight explains the thinking behind that slogan, particularly the benefits of expansionary fiscal policy and of reversing Tory austerity.The PPB shows the consequences of gifting five “ordinary people” with a pay rise, a pension, disability support, a student grant and a small business loan respectively, which are that those individuals spend the extra cash and help boost aggregate demand in the economy.In an ordinary-looking town hall, a presenter draws attention to the cumulative effects of low-income earners being better off: their money goes on food shopping and car repairs. “Everyone we gave money to is spending it on their local community.”Then the broadcast shows that offering a tax cut to one billionaire, who could forget about the relatively insignificant amount of money or stash it in a tax haven, doesn’t carry the same advantages.The PPB concludes: “So as you can see, getting money into the hands of ordinary people does a lot more to help the economy than giving tax cuts to billionaires. If you agree, vote Labour on Thursday, the 2nd of May, and let’s rebuild Britain for the many, not the few.”Labour’s latest film is similar to the highly praised anti-austerity video that went out on the party’s social media channels in August 2018.Tags:Labour /PPB /Party Political Broadcast /last_img read more