11 jobs the internet is destroying

first_imgIt’s hard to think of an invention that has changed the course of human history quite like the internet has. Being able to connect people all over the world and give them access to a million books worth of information is truly amazing. But the world of modern capitalism is struggling to keep up.For every job that’s been created by the internet (like writing cool articles for a great website that the nicest people read), there’s a job that’s killed by it. Artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and other advances are removing the human element from customer service, professional consulting, and more.Not every profession stands the test of time. In this feature, we’ll spotlight eleven jobs that just don’t have any future in the internet age. Hopefully the people who invested in careers on the list have a backup plan, because they’re not going to be making a living for much longer. Travel Agents1/11One of the most visible casualties of the internet age is travel agents. Even a few decades ago, if you wanted to fly somewhere you had to call up an office and talk to somebody whose entire job was hooking that up. Booking your own airline tickets, hotel rooms, et cetera was outside the grasp of the average American. Needless to say, the creation of travel sites like Orbitz and Travelocity changed all that. In the 1990s there were over 34,000 active travel agents in the United States, and that number has dropped by 20,000 since. There are still a few in business handling luxury trips and helping out confused old people, but the industry doesn’t have much time left.<><> How do you feel after reading that? Did your occupation land a spot on the list, or are you working in a field that artificial intelligence can’t take over, like quasi-legal massages or off-season fireworks sales? And if the internet does take your job, what are you going to do with all your free time?last_img read more