Handson with the Samsung Focus 2 for ATT

first_imgThese days it feels like everyone is holding their breath in anticipation, waiting for what is coming next from Microsoft. During that time AT&T is continuing their march forward with inexpensive Windows Phone devices for their LTE network. Windows Phone and Nokia were able to make quite a splash recently with the Lumia 900, but much of the good feeling surrounding that device was lost when network issues were discovered.AT&T’s latest addition to their Windows Phone portfolio, the Samsung Focus 2, comes in at $50 on a new two-year agreement. Here at CTIA 2012 we were able to get some hands on time with this phone.The Samsung Focus 2 is a 1.4GHz single-core smartphone with a 800×480 resolution Super AMOLED screen. In a world populated by things like the dual-core Snapdragon S4 this may not sound like much, but in fact the phone is incredibly snappy and Samsung’s display technology lends itself to the Windows Phone Metro UI very nicely. Nothing lagged on this phone whatsoever, even when trying to use the phone immediately after the boot sequence.The 5MP camera on the device is capable of recording at 720p, but the overall quality of the sensor wasn’t particularly great. Like many Samsung devices, the phone struggled in low light to take a good photo. The 1750 MaH promises to get you through a whole day of usage even on LTE, and since the rest of the hardware on this phone isn’t particularly demanding it is easy to see that being accurate.The Focus 2 is a little chubby compared to the Lumia 900 or any of Samsung’s recent releases. The phone is very comfortable to hold in the hand, and both the volume rocker and power button are well placed. Everything about this phone feels like it would have been released over a year ago as a mid-range Android device. That fact alone speaks volumes to how well designed Windows Phone is, since it requires significantly less than the next big Android phone to perform just aAs a $50 LTE phone, the Focus 2 is not the prettiest phone out there, but it is certainly worth what you pay for it.last_img read more