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that recently snapped off an Antarctica glacier have raised the stakes.Caruana has joined the leaders Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Nikita Vitiugov at 30/4 For India’s Viswanathan Anand things are starting to look bleak With three draws and a loss out of four rounds he is a point and a half behind the leaders With five more rounds to go he would need to rake some points in the upcoming rounds to catch up with the leaders As it stands he is sixth on the leaderboard with a score of 15/4 Viswanathan Anand is still looking for his first win of the tournament Image Courtesy: Georgios Souleidis In round four Anand was paired against Vitiugov Rating wise the Indian is the stronger player But Vitiugov has been doing exceptionally well at the Classic having maintained his early clasped lead almost halfway into the tournament He also had the white pieces in his round 4 game against Anand The game began with a Caro-Kann defence Anand went for the immediate central break with 3…c5 and managed to equalize very easily out of the opening Vitiugov tried some tactics around the 20thmove but Anand was alert and this little banter from the Russian only led to further liquidation By the 25thmove queens were exchanged and about five moves later the rooks too were hacked off the board The ensuing position was clearly a dead draw with each side having four pawns and bishops of opposite colour The players did not try for too long after this before agreeing to a draw Another important game of the round was the one between world champion Magnus Carlsen and world number five Vachier-Lagrave Carlsen despite being the highest rated player at the event isn’t at the top and this was a good opportunity for him to knock down one of the leaders and take the lead himself Had Vachier-Lagrave won he would have taken the sole lead As the game began the two chose the Symmetrical English to kick off and followed the moves of one of their earlier encounters from the World Blitz Championship in Riyadh However Carlsen drifted away from the moves he had played in the previous game soon But this too led to simplification soon Almost within the first fifteen moves an endgame was reached Carlsen gave up a pawn in an attempt to create chances but Vachier-Lagrave almost immediately returned it back and neutralized By the 22ndmove an equal endgame was reached which the players played out until the 40tjmove and signed peace The all-German encounter between Matthias Bluebaum and Georg Meier also headed to a draw quite early out of the opening The two opened with a Queen’s Indian Defence and mass exchanges occurred right out of the opening Before the 25thmove each side only had a queen and a knight with equal pawns and neither side having many chances The players signed peace after playing out the endgame until the 44thmove After his win in the second round it seemed Lev Aronian might go all guns blazing at his opponents and make a strong comeback after his poor show at the Candidates’ However since the last two rounds the ArmenianNo 1 seems to be taking things slow In round six he drew his second consecutive game against Chinese GM Hou Yifan In the game the players had reached an endgame with an almost symmetrical pawn structure within the first 25 moves While Yifan had some attacking chances in this endgame her assessment was that they were not enough After shuffling pieces for around 10 more moves the players signed peace by repetition on the 39thmove While all these games headed straight towards a draw one could not have put much faith in the game between Caruana and Arkadij Naiditsch to end decisively either Of course being the aggressive player that he is Naiditsch had flung his kingside pawns forward with the black pieces in an attempt to annihilate his opponent’s king But this was quite uncharacteristic for the innocuous Anti-Berlin opening that the players had essayed As it turned out the attack fizzled out eventually and an endgame with both sides having a queen and a knight emerged The computers evaluated the position as a dead draw and perhaps with perfect play it even was But as Caruana saw it he his pieces had the chance to dominate his opponent’s and that was reason enough for him to play on In the next phase of the game Caruana pulled off a la Carlsen The newly appointed world championship challenger played immaculately to prove the dominance of his pieces At one point he even gave up a pawn as his queen and his knight coordinated harmoniously to harass the black king By the 43rdmove Naiditsch had a choice between losing ruinous loss of material or getting mated He chose neither and resigned With this victory Caruana has also joined the leaders Vachier-Lagrave and Vitiugov with a score of 30/4 Carlsen and Aronian are half-a-point behind at 25/3 while Anand along with Matthias Bluebaum is a further point behind at 15 The bottommost spot is share by Hou Yifan and Georg Meier who have both scored 15/4 Standings: Colombo: Tens of thousands of activists blocked the centre ofColomboon Tuesday to protest the sacking of Ranil Wickremesinghe as prime minister Wickremesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) staged the protest outside his official residence where he stayed since President Maithripala Sirisena dismissed him on Friday Supporters of Sri Lanka’s sacked prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe shouted slogans denouncing president Maithripala Sirisena during the protest AP Sirisena named former authoritarian president Mahinda Rajapaksa as head of government triggering a constitutional crisis The party said about 100000 people took part in the protests while police sources gave a figure of 25000 though many busloads still arrived "We are against the sacking the people did not vote for Sirisena to act in this manner" Wickremesinghe told supporters from a makeshift stage "We will resist what the president has done" Crowds chanted "down with the rogue prime minister" referring to Rajapaksa and said "respect the mandate recall parliament" Effigies of Sirisena were torn up in a symbolic protest against the president’s move which has been described by many local newspapers as a "constitutional coup" Large crowds many wearing caps in green the UNP party colour took part in the hurriedly arranged rally that forced the closure of several roads "More than 2600 police and 10 units of Special Task Force commandos were deployed for the protest" police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said Parliament speaker Karu Jayasuriya has warned that the crisis could lead to a "bloodbath" on the streets unless Sirisena ends a suspension of parliament to let MPs choose between Wickremesinghe and Rajapaksa Wickremesinghe has demanded a parliament meet so that he can prove he has majority backing The show will feature some of KISS’s lesser known music including "Charisma" and "Got Love For Sale"Tickets start at $45 and can be purchased at wwwStarCasinocom/tickets on the Shooting Star Facebook page or by phone at (800) 313-7469"I’ve got to paint the trim basically that’s all that’s left" said Brian Fraser who lives at 327 Elizabeth AvenueHe said the property’s owner Laurel Carlson is also making good progress on upgrades needed in a separate rental unit in the basement of her home at 325 Elizabeth StreetFraser’s home which has its own address is located in Carlson’s back yard and opens onto the alleyFraser was looking at having to find a new home after the city council voted to revoke Carlson’s rental permit earlier this summer mostly because of zoning issuesAfter a public outcry the council decided not to revoke Carlson’s rental permit after all and voted instead to "grandfather-in" the existing set-up even though it violates the city’s current zoning rules for rental units Fraser and Carlson first had to find witnesses to testify that the rental unit had existed prior to the 1968 zoning ordinance"Grandfather" status or not the rental units still had to be brought up to code Fraser’s cottage needed more smoke detectors and newer electrical outlets as well as a fresh coat of exterior paint and a larger egress window in the bedroomFraser said on Tuesday Oct 3 that Zitzow Electric has brought the electrical system up to code in his rental cottage and it’s ready for electrical inspection The Detroit Lakes Fire Department donated five smoke detectors to help out his causeGreen’s Plumbing installed a new water heater giving him a very steep discount because it’s a veteran-owned business"I paid for the new egress window myself" he said "My future son-in-law and his dad helped me put it in it took us about two hours We all have carpentry experience" Basement Innovations had offered to install the egress window Fraser said The offer was appreciated but in the end wasn’t neededSteve and Laura Zima owner of The Nines clothing store in downtown Detroit Lakes donated an 8-foot by 10-foot heavy duty plastic Suncast backyard shed to FraserJordan Cossette launched an online fundraiser that raised $1575 from 30 people to help with rent and improvementsThe money has been distributed and "it came in handy" Fraser said "If that money wasn’t there I’d still be in a little bit of hurt I can’t say enough thanks to everybody who donated and to Jordan for setting it up" Fraser said that when Carlson is ready and the improvements are finished and the buildings up to code she will call the city to have the property inspected This caused them to split into smaller atoms, meaning the officer chose to walk through the park on his or her The Kogi lawmaker said, He told police that Eckdahl pulled the gun from behind her back and shot him. He also held deliberations with senior officials of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Rel and The First, hungry bacteria consume it and release electrons, is appealing that verdict.

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