Watching medical pills dissolve is gross yet beautiful

first_imgThere are a number of things you probably take into account when deciding to pop a pill. How effective is it going to be? Are there side effects? How many can I fit in a balloon? Can I operate heavy machinery after taking it? Not usually high on the list is, “how will it look dissolving in my stomach?” The answer to that one, if you care, appears to be universally “weird.” The Macro Room YouTube account has an assortment of pill dissolving on video, and it’s surprisingly wild, yet strangely poetic.The first pills are thought to date to around 1,500 BCE and were referenced on Egyptian papyruses. These were just bread dough filled with medicinal ingredients — much less advanced than what we have today. Now, pills are precisely formulated with large doses of medication and small enough to be easily swallowed, whether you’re at a doctor’s office, a rave, or hanging out with Louis in Left 4 Dead.The video includes both capsules and tablets dissolving. Capsules, of course, have a shell typically made of gelatin that contains the medicine in gel or liquid form. That’s the first one you see dissolved in the video. Then, it’s on to caplets. These solid mixtures of medicine and binders look less slimy coming apart, but no less interesting. The end of the video includes a mixture of pills all dissolving at once — it’s strangely satisfying to watch. Just think of all the wonderful sights happening inside our own bodies we’ll never get to witness.last_img read more