iPad Mini engineering sample leaks

first_imgAfter years of denials and outright condemnation of smaller touchscreen tablets, it looks like Apple is preparing to release a smaller version of the iPad. An early engineering sample of the iPad Mini appears to have leaked, giving us at least some idea what it’s going to look like.The nearly featureless slab has the new smaller 19-pin mini dock connector expected to grace the new iPhone this fall. There is also a speaker grille next to the connector. Moving the speakers to the bottom of the device would be a better location than the easy-to-cover spot used on the existing iPad. Otherwise, this mockup only gives us a look at the overall dimensions. It is roughly 2/3 the size of the current iPad, and is noticeably thinner.GottaBeMobile estimates the iPad Mini (obviously not a confirmed name) to be 213mm tall and 143mm wide. That makes it just a little wider and taller than the Google Nexus 7 tablet. This fits with recent rumors that the iPad Mini would feature a 7.85-inch screen made by Sharp. At that size, Retina Display resolution is possible, but this would be yet another screen for developers to support in apps.Widescreen 10-inch tablets tend to be ungainly in portrait orientation, but it feels much more natural with a 7-inch slate. Apple will probably stick with the square ratio from the full-size iPad for app scaling, if nothing else. If these shots are real, it would be the most significant change in Apple’s tablet design since the first iPad was announced in 2010.via GottaBeMobilelast_img read more