White iPhone 4 may be in stores April 27

first_imgThough it’s been over nine months since Apple first said it would release a white iPhone 4, Apple has stood true to its word. The company said it would sell a white iPhone 4 by May, and with only six days left in April, it’s just about time to see that infamous white phone we’ve been talking about for months.Numerous sources report that Apple’s U.S.-based retail stores are starting to get promotional materials for the white iPhone 4. Many sites, like Apple Insider, say it will be launching by Wednesday, April 27.AdChoices广告Apparently there are a number of stores that have reportedly gotten shipment notifications for the white iPhone 4 SKUs, and that these stores are supposed to hold those shipments in the back of the store until they’re given further notice. 9to5Mac said the phone is now listed in Best Buy’s inventory list also with a sale start date of April 27.Although the release date has been delayed, this does prove that Apple doesn’t break its promises. The company said it would produce a white iPhone, and although the wait was longer than we thought, it’s finally almost here. But, how many white iPhone 4s will actually be sold? Will people decide to hold off until the iPhone 5 launches so they can have new hardware and software, or is it purely a cosmetic thing?Perhaps people who aren’t familiar with Apple’s release history will jump at the chance to buy a “new” iPhone since they may not know that the next generation iPhone will be released within the next five months. Apple has been known to release new devices in the summer, but the release of the iPhone 5 is now thought to be pushed back to September.It’s not exactly clear why Apple pushed back the white iPhone’s release date so many times, but could it be possible that the company wanted to have something to sell its customers during the 15-month period between iPhone releases?At its release, the white iPhone 4 will be available for both Verizon and AT&T customers.via AppleInsider, 9to5Maclast_img read more